Sunday, 28 June 2015

Scapegoating and the demonisation of thought.

Nobel-prize winning scientist Tim Hunt lands in hot water with UCL after making sexist, degrading remarks about Women

Beneath the mask of self-righteousness, is a blind hatred unleashed. Who hates themself but 'sees' the hated in another - and scapegoats them to satisfy a secret appetite?
The image I present here is ubiquitous as the deceiving device whereby shadow power operates a wolf in sheep's clothing. Using the desire to take offense, in the name of crying victim, within the guise of the suffering of others, as a manipulative device.
Fear OF communication is inevitable to the mind that attempts to use coercion in the form of communication and defend such a position as an agenda of power or indeed of notional security.
The deceit by which we subscribe to a currency of assertion of power over communication - over truth, is that in which the forms of truth are weaponised. But ONLY as one elects and accepts such a false frame of reference to cuckold one's true being.
So notice and discern and choose what and how you witness. For hatred feeds and fuels a false god. Love the true and realise what Jesus means by "resist ye not evil" - for that is its bait and hook to make you its own. Who loves to hate must fear to love - yet love alone reveals a wholeness of true being.
To love truth is natural to anyone who recognizes and releases attempts to love a power of self-specialness - as if it alone is true - set apart and against all else.

To reclaim true power is to act from it and in it and as it. To operate from a position of having been attacked is to use the ruse of one's wound to accuse and abuse another in like kind. That abusers learn the model of abuse is notable, but that this is the only or best model for relating is questionable and false. SOMEONE has to be willing to break the cycle and that someone can ONLY be one who owns a deeper honesty of being than vengeance and self-specialness.

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