Friday, 26 June 2015

Robotic thinking

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says AI will turn us into robots' petsWhen they take over the world
Robotic thinking already substitutes for a truly living relational participance. The extension or expression of such thinking is the technologism of a reductionist management of such 'life' by shadow power. So yes the 'pets' or stock population resource is managed by coercions and deceits so as to support and protect and persist the purpose of robotic thinking - which is an experience of 'autonomy' from Life - such as to 'become' a power unto oneself - and to prevail over, and persist.

Technology is neutral, but the purpose in which it is developed and used is NOT. Loveless thinking can only operate a shadow power agenda amidst self-deceits. Loving thought can only serve the wholeness of each and all as one. Each is an 'operating system' distinct and complete unto itself. If one chooses to focus within insanity as if to gain thereby, one loses perspective until insanity is recognised and walked away and indeed waked from.

The 'world' that operates as a model of mutual agreement tends to be the currency of the automaton ego. But you remain the Living one regardless what you think you are, because you neither create nor uncreate your true being. The mind becomes a tricky device when the Living confuses itself with the 'dead' concept or image.

Every choice we make - knowingly or by habit - strengthens the thought we accept as our self, and reflects back to us as reinforcement and support for that self. So choose to accept the world that truly resonates the truth of you and release the habit of giving power to what is not You.

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