Sunday, 29 March 2015

Scientific prostitution to corporate coercion

Real Tragedy of 'Science': Public Faith Declines as Fakery Grows

A Daily Bell article on false peer reviews uncovered in scientific prostitution to corporate coercion.

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A Consciousness Perspective:

Identity theft is nothing new. Truth is not 'out there'. Insofar as anything true is 'out there' it is recognized through one's own truth.

As Consciousness is accepted as our Ground Reality there will be no need to manufacture or employ 'truths' as weapons of leverage and control because truth will be self-evident and beyond question or conflict.

In the mean 'minded' while, any form of anything is meaningless (or means anything and nothing) because the meanings given to things reflect a false or conflicting identification as the 'doer' or 'controller' of consciousness. This is self-illusion or vanity of ignorance and arrogance. Nothing worthy or sane can come of it save the recognition and release of what we are NOT.

Science predicated upon materialism already asserts metaphysical notions that filter and distort receptivity to truth. Of course many notions operate true within their specific range of focus and provide frameworks of intervention into existing patterns of relationship. When enough people agree, their mutually reinforcing definitions operate as currency regardless whether they share true value or pass off toxic debt in place of true worth.

"I" me and "self' are shorthand symbols for facets of the operation of will, but when will is usurped by conditioned belief, it operates the illusion of freedom under the tyranny of fear. What is given power to, becomes power over the giver, because it is asserted and believed true.
Hiding a lie or hiding in a lie may be 'justified' by the narrative of the liar - such as not publicizing information that reflects badly on one's institution and thus give ammunition to the perceived 'heretics' who must at all cost be prevented from gaining influence. But that has nothing to do with science as a discipline of uncovering the (already) true. It is simply the idea of war upon the hated self.

The egocentricity of the segregative or separating self is implicit in the use of the term self, in most usage. But corruption operates upon something true or it would have no meaning as corruption. Corruption begins with taking self-image over true relation and protecting it at cost of truth. It operates a mask or deceit by which NOT to know what in fact one knows. It splits the mind. It plays apart as if oppositional and separate, and seeks the validation that only real relationship offers by joining in forms that mimic aspects of unity without actually joining or relating with anything beyond its own strategy.

Recognizing 'out-of-true' is the opportunity to true up. NOW. Blame operates to divert from truing up, punishment to forbid it - save through long diversionary 'processes of change' that effectively kick real change into long grass while engaging hypocrisy (acting). Tyranny is first within the mind of refusal to embrace and embody change (life). Freedom is an inside job - an 'in-place' shift of perception and perspective that uncovers an already freedom which had been 'given away' to a dream of power and self-specialness. But freedom cannot truly 'leave you' at the level of your true nature - though one can actively deny it in assertion of imagined right to override true nature. We are free to war within ourself if we want, while it gives us something we believe we need or want enough to pay the price.

The baby in the bathwater is the uncorrupted service of science to true uncovering of Who we are and what Life Is. Because one begins from a false foundation there is a necessary revisionary shifting as a greater perspective illuminates the error of one's starting place. However, the inspirational movement to follow one's joy of discovery and gifting of talent in service of life is itself pure - even if imperfectly appreciated within the framework of egocentric identity and drives.

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