Sunday, 29 March 2015

Is the sky falling?

This op-ed news article prompted this commentary:

The device of deceit by which consciousness 'fragments itself' is of many shifting levels masked by personae.
At the level of the personae an unfolding drama of the grasp for power, by a fear of powerlessness, is thus compelled to coerce in order to persist or 'survive' by getting or taking from others and from Life, that which it believes itself deprived of or specially deserving.

This 'worldly power' operates in cycles that essentially consolidate power, but at the expense of integrity and therefore functionality. Over-controlling life renders it uncontrollable, for suppressed symptoms merely arise everywhere and escalate the believed need for such control at the expense of communication.

Control mentality operates in isolation of separate self interest and while pursuing a sense of special self-interest, can only manipulate via 'incentive' that are negatively predicated - either directly as in fear of consequence or indirectly in seducing dependence within artificially induced scarcity.

I write about nothing BUT consciousness responsibility - for I see this as our next step - our awakening to the acts of definition within consciousness whereby we accept and trade a false sense of self and life and purpose.

I am not suggesting changing consciousness IN ORDER to change the world, but aligning consciousness truly in order to be the change we wanted the world to deliver.

Communicating the perspective of consciousness is difficult when the existing paradigm collectively has the map upside down. One literally has to freely yield one's thinking to connect with Wholeness... with and as Consciousness.

Thinking 'says' this wont make any difference.
Thinking says all kinds of things - but until the predication upon guilt and fear is significantly undone, thinking operates a scam - of sorts - for the attempt to hide FROM fear and to hide IN fear GIVES POWER AWAY.
BUT - what is true of you is not lost and doesn't need to be reclaimed or 'taken back' so much as RECOGNIZED.

Everything is a matter of perspective, and Consciousness ITSELF is the capacity to shift perspective and behold everything within a fresh 'take' rather than a 'mis' take.

However the engagement or preoccupation with trying to change the world first in order to then 'arrive' is a block to shifting perspective and simply locks one into a pattern of limitation and conflict from which there is no escape WITHOUT shifting perspective to where escape is no longer a meaningful necessity.
One doesn't 'escape' oneself - or any facet of oneself - but one does choose where to bring one's focus of attention within All That Is.
Focussing on the negative as if to get a positive result is a mistaken and futile self-deception - even if a few billion reinforce each other in the attempt.
Re-integrative consciousness is not trying to fix Humpty Dumpty under the King's orders but embracing the healing of one's own consciousness so as to in effect withdraw support for the 'botnet of fear' and align in true - joyous - purpose. Then one may speak true to the mind that is identified within un-owned fear. But otherwise the blind lead the blind - and of course all with conflicting agendas attempting to manipulate outcome.
Coercion is NOT the way of communication, honouring relationship or integrity and so truth is its first casualty. But that doesn't mean truth isn't true, it simply means it is temporarily denied witness.

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