Monday, 14 July 2014

Trickle up economics shares true value

I do not hold with the 'trickle down' theory of economics - but I have a sense of the trickle up of new growth. If you are able to hear something that truly connects you within your own being - then that is your responsibility - not mine. As you take up your responsibility you also will propagate or communicate something of an integrated presence instead of fuelling perpetual conflict in packages not unlike the craftily concealed toxic debt of high flying financiers. The ignorant are simply those who have not yet opened to the modelling of an integrated consciousness. The guilt hate and fear that recycles through the generations is nurture that has become as if our second nature - and defended as if it is the only way to be - as if it is reality - period!

I cannot make anyone else's choice for them, but I can relate to them as fully worthy and capable of such choices as set them free from self-negative loops of thought and result rather than make them the footstools of my derision. Everything we think communicates at some level and all that goes around , comes around and around and around.

The Golden Rule is no less Golden than it ever was. "Give as you would receive". I would add that to be clear it might say "Give as you would in love receive' - because the self-hating and self judging do not believe they are worthy of love and that they would spoil it or betray it if it came to them - and so they DO give as they would receive - but from a false foundation.

The Rule works regardless of what is given. The 'Golden' Rule is to give true value.

How does that translate to a battle field or civil strife? "Give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar and give unto God what is due unto God". Do what you believe you have to do while you have to do it - but give your full-hearted allegiance and alignment only to what you truly value. The word true comes up a lot simply because words can be used as an actor's persona - as part of a shield or a weapon in a game of powers.

The game of powers is 'Caesar's'. If you have a wish to be a power in and of yourself - special and above others, then you play out the war on Life as if it could be won. If you recognize this and also that it is not your heart's desire then you are already in a position to choose differently.

What I am describing occurs without intellectual oversight - for our innate wisdom can use and utilise EVERY channel of possible communication - as we are willing to listen and align.

If an appetite for war demands to wash itself in blood and fire, it will - but in truth it is an attempt to kill one's own shadow seen on the 'Other'. There is no 'talking' to the self-righteous - for they are not only sure they are right but feel morally justified in hate and sanctified by fighting. There may be a case to stand firm in one's convictions and refuse the bully. I am not advocating passivism. A true peace is part and parcel of a true communication. Any one in relationship could know that if they gave the matter a little attention.

Short attention span is a defence against both information overload and coercive impositions. First establish a line of actual communication, then work to grow a mutual trust in any way of any kind so as to begin to calm the mind. A calmer mind connects with a rising of a greater perspective in which creative and mutually beneficial possibilities can be seen - perhaps one step at a time.

Be aware that the 'enemy' of such a process will do all in its power to subvert or undermine it and restore the mind to operate within a dictate of divide and rule.

Who or what is the enemy of peace but the holding precious of an identity that loves to hate and hates to love. "Better the devil you know" - they say. I say if you really knew - you would drop such thinking like a hot coal instead of holding it close to heart.

When I say 'you' I am not meaning you particularly - but as a figure of speech. Where there is hate there is hurt. Hate the hate or heal the hurt. It's a choice. One seems easy and even 'natural' the other seems hard or meaningless. Heal the hurt. This is no arduous path so much as a simple invitation to choose for love's awareness… now. There IS no other time in which choice can be embodied. You wont lose your 'Now' but unless you are willing to calm down a bit and let it in, you will lose sight of it - and any avenue of healing that comes through being truly present.

Cease watering the tree of guilt, hate and fear with your thoughts, your attention and your focus! As you allow your connection with your true Sanity - focus there and abide in willingness there. You don't need clever thinking to feel the currents and choose what to do or leave undone. To 'get real' and pay attention will follow the choice you have made as to your true desire. Everything can be seen in many perspectives. Why be locked into one joyless way of seeing? 

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Very well said! Now, if only that elaborate reasoning could be packaged in a one-line slogan comprehensible to the ignorant masses with short attention span!
(which was in reference to this post on the situation in Ukraine)

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