Monday, 14 July 2014

Neutrality is not called for

Don't sit on the fence - or take sides - Embrace all that is true

One is not called to be neutral but to be true to one's self at the level of integrity one is capable of accepting and embracing.
If fear determines one's perspective, one will not have perspective so much as conditioned reaction. One can observe and learn from one's own conditioned thinking. Is it truly You? If not - why act as if it is?
Fear and terror are foundational aspects of our human conditioning. But are they inherent to our true nature?
Fear says you have no choice. Stop and ask if this is true and then choose what you will do.

On was a headline
As Jews, we can't be neutral in this conflict
How can I be neutral when it is my friends running for the bomb shelter? And how can I be neutral when the State of Israel has too much power over the Palestinian people’s destiny?

The article itself is behind a paywall but I felt to send in the above comment just addressing the premise in the headline.

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