Monday, 14 July 2014

Jewish (and human) identity

Don't let facts get in the way of a good story…

The identity of human traits may be scientifically determined by DNA but personal, tribal and cultural identity is determined by story.

There is no law that says anyone else's assertion has to play any role in the story of a tribal or cultural identity other that whatever role or meaning such a group decide to give it.

However, if communication is seen to be usurped by any such group-ID mentality, such that only the FORM of communication is used as a defensive persistence of wishful or wilful assertion, then the word of such personae is invalidated - whatever form it takes - because where it comes from is an unwillingness TO communicate.

What IS communication but a condition of mutual receptivity to a current or fresh movement of expression?

Listening in the heart is different from strategic thinking that identifies the heart in story - however sacred one's suffering has become as a substitute heart, and however justified the hatred of all who do not 'support' one's point of view. Listening in the heart is not going to occur while it interferes with a story one wants to be true - because of what one believes it gives or promises.

In the mind of those who we see as enemy can we also see that which we hate in our selves. Only an honest owning of what is ours can restore us to a true communication and thus know Home without having to deny it to those who we feared would deny us.

All controversy serves as distraction from the essential. It isn't about being right or wrong, but a matter of whether one wants to be homed in a current movement of living communication or assert identity upon the movement of Life and have to defend it against being exposed.

The fig-leaf is the symbol of the priest-mind that would come between a true Communication and which fears exposure as worse than death. But "who told you you were naked?". I read this (OT Bible quote) as the movement of our own heart's enquiry Only guilt and fear of shame or punishment stops us Listening Within. The voice of such story is backed by terror in the world - howsoever it is disguised. But is it the Voice of our true knowing?

Re-cognition is a gift of re-membering what we had forgotten or believed lost as a result of becoming caught up in prodigal stories.

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Jews are not descended from Khazars, Hebrew University historian says

I add here that the book 
'The Wandering Who' by Gilad Atzmon
offers a rounded consideration of Jewish Identity that I recommend

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