Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Private agenda overriding Shared Interests

Why we are on strike over plans to privatise the Land Registry.

 Government's secret proposal to sell off the Land Registry could lead to mass job losses and erode transparency. There's no evidence outsourcing public services ever works
"...In a truly astonishing move, a government agency faces being changed into a commercial company so it can avoid the very controls the government brought in to protect small businesses. This shows how poorly thought through the proposal is."

No. It shows how on purpose it is. Regulation that obstructs the extension and expression of power is to be undone and regulation that denies any other power or possible power is to be put in place.
Rationale is no longer the mechanism at work, if rationality presumes a conversation and shared understanding. Persuasion, coercion and guile are at work - and these are backed up with force.

When the goalposts are moved everyone else carries on as if the game was the same - but it is not. The 'disaster capitalism' that transforms wealth into hollow debt for the momentary high of a momentary few is a logical outcome of its fundamental psychology - as is the manipulative intent behind it.

People do things because they can - and because it seems their interest or even duty to do so. But what they do arises from their definitions of themselves in relation to their world - their relationships, their situation - and this will be self-reinforcing unless there is an adjustment in which a greater reality plays a part instead of being usurped by a disconnected (and disconnecting) mentality.

The war against the public sector - is against governance of people by people;  a war on communication, trust and sanity - for if money and force and guile determine all things, then there is no such thing as genuine communication, an extension of trust nor any honesty in which anything at all can be known. All then is chaos and war - and this IS the foundation of the blind who 'lead the blind'.

If a man steals a kingdom, they call him a King. The stealing of our minds will lead to those who demand they be called gods. Much of human consciousness is extended in our cultures that embody their values in our institutions.
The foundations of our culture have been replaced by clever thinking that is designed to obfuscate clear knowing.

'Big society' means big business 'governance' via a hollowed out and emasculated state. Politicians and economists are presenting an ideological front that has no substance, legitimacy or place in our heart's allegiance and some of them and media too, know this, but seek to be high enough up the pyramid to escape the flood of destruction they are helping to bring about.

For anything that gathers or organizes in any way that is NOT aligned with the 'capitalism' of the power cartel of vested financial and corporate interests will be targeted, infiltrated, subverted, smeared, attacked and neutralized.

I put quotes on 'capitalism' because it is only using the form of capitalism - as it uses the form of anything it can subvert to its purpose.
What is 'it' that would rule our minds coercively? It is something that does not belong in us, that we are inviting and accepting and thus giving power to.

The world is reflecting our consciousness back to us - but a segregated and dissociated fearfulness seeks to interfere with the signal so that it can persist as a self-specialness at the expense of all else.

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