Monday, 12 May 2014

The passing of an age of futility and isolation?

A Point of View: The paradox of growing old

Mary Beard's BBC magazine article reflects on age and care issues. I feel there are universal issues of which age and incapacity brings out specific forms. As always, I look to communicate foundational appreciations rather than seek to tweak the mechanism.

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The foundation for supporting and embodying a truly human culture is one of shared worth. Unless we can receive and accept a true sense of worth ourself - we cannot recognize it in another nor automatically extend true worth through such recognition.

And so we have developed inverted schemes for 'adding' worth via manual interference. All power struggles are ultimately war within oneself.

No kind of 'moral' coercion or scheme for engineering behaviour via 'incentives' can achieve more than hollow compliance.

Our thinking - whether religiously or scientifically derived - is the child of a generally unconscious foundation - and kept so, by desperate attempts to defend our thinking and and control our perception.

The disconnected sense (from Life) is associated with coercive will and its resultant reactions. Life Itself remains present but untrusted - because it is not 'under our control'.

We can let our foundations be opened to awareness as part of a desire for a true sanity and peace. And then we can learn anew to receive and share in true worth - where before we judged, colluded and justified ourselves apart from our worth. For within it - there is no call for the mental convolutions of justification.

Compassion embraces without reinforcing identity in victimhood. Sympathy 'joins' in reinforcement of victimhood.

Our Consciousness embraces all that we are and have ever been - but we have tended to choose victimhood because it gives us the illusion of power to disconnect and separate. While we want such power, we will be blindly victim to its cost.

The presence of another is a gift and a blessing to share in. The mind of power knows not 'gift' nor 'blessing'. But that is a choice and not the coercive imposition that proceeds from using it.

We do not hold a culture for the reintegration of our consciousness and so often struggle blindly in futility and isolation. Yet whatever the scenery, the underlying learnings are of releasing what actually does not belong and accepting ourselves as we truly are ... in and of Consciousness.

The forms our 'lessons' take varies for each of us - and at different times in our lives - but self-honesty is our integrity and when fear is given power ... and thus concealed, we lose sight of who we are and what we know - and make it weak and unable to communicate - for we have believed ourselves worthless and act as if it were true.

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