Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Wandering Who?

Having just read Gilad Atzmon's book 'The Wandering Who', I feel to honour it.

I feel that much of what Gilad says is not for especially for Jews but for humanity - for anyone who desires to reintegrate from a warring segregated self-sense to a genuinely shared humanity. I appreciate the way he has chosen to formulate and express his ideas and observations. Without engaging coercion or indulging self promotion - nor a rigidity of self-denial. In that sense I feel he embodies what he writes about in the way it is shared.
Thank you Gilad!

I had thought to re purpose a reply I sent to him - but it became too convoluted!

Perhaps I will come back to this - for within it is also a reflection in our consciousness, of ideas that are both victim and victimizing, giving rise to clever thinking that uses both to assert a self specialness at another's expense - which is a denial of the humanity of another and therefore of oneself.

Embracing humanity must also embrace THAT we do this in one way or another, but it need not continue to choose it, join with it nor demonize it.

Humanity has been separated from its Source Consciousness by religion and then by humanism and scientific rationality. But this 'separation' is a perceived 'reality' and cannot actually occur or be true, even though we experience as we perceive.

In the attention/experience of our world there are significant issues around Jewishness that are highly polarized and not open to public discussion or debate. This is an indicator of coercion and fear in our consciousness and amidst such confusion, negativity can be contagious. Gilad's book speaks from and to an embracing humanity and towards reclaiming our sanity and wholeness of being.

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