Sunday, 9 March 2014

Read the Consciousness

Guardian article on an interview with the Google CEO.

Eric Schmidt to dictators: 'You don’t turn off the internet: you infiltrate it'

Google’s executive chairman concerned by manipulative new approach of governments spooked by popular uprisings

Read the Consciousness that is reflecting to our clear view:

A filtering, blocking, and distorting mentality substitutes its own assertions for an intimate and honest reception. It may not believe its thoughts are true, but it will believe they are truly necessary and thus usurps its true communication  with a 'personal agenda'.

Everything we believe about ourselves in relation to events, our world and our experience, sets up such filters, blocks and distortions.

Our self-definitions operate as programming of our perception-experience and thus our reactions.

Running as default, this operates the realm of the illusion of power - as defined by the fear and experience of powerlessness; that is, the sense of disconnection and invalidity that drives the urge to 'becoming' potent or valid. This drive itself is disguised so as to hide the fear. For the direct awareness of the fear reveals what the fear is in relation to.

Hence the bogeyman - or the investment in evil and in enemy; the use of the world and of relationships, for purposes of offsetting self-guilt, self-rejection, self-division.

The spilt mind operates as victimiser and victim both. It runs all sides of every conflict. It shifts at a speed that creates the apparent compartment of a segregated private mind as just one facet of a much larger purpose.

But filtering, distorting and blocking are a segregating intent within a greater Consciousness. The deceptive is absolutely dependent on what it distorts to seem to have any independent existence or power. It is negatively defined via sleight of mind.

While this mode of experiencing and identifying is held dear, given meanings and shared or traded as currency, it will persist. One can love to hate and hate to love, but the simple truth is that what we choose to focus our attention upon is our actual valuing or choosing - regardless of the packaging and presentation of the personal agenda.

Honesty as to our actual investments reveals  practical steps of re-integration within the consciousness of our being. Guarding a hidden investment persists in hiding (from) our true conscious communication - and all of its messengers. But what is really defended against is recognizing from within.

When a dark glass is no longer interposed as a lens over vision, light and clarity simply reveal themselves. The lens of the mind that we have co-created and share as our world experience is a lens of fragmenting judgement. We generally have no idea that our experience is created in consciousness - for we have 'put our power outside ourself' in both the selected idols and their shadows of self-rejection.

We no longer recognize our Self in all things, but instead are trained to 'see' and 'attack' the 'self' of fear and division - without recognizing that we ARE recognizing our self in all things - AS WE DEFINE ourselves to be.

We DO unto others as we would do unto our self. What makes the rule Golden, is our unconditional love for ourself. We cannot manufacture this within our conditional sense - yet it is inherent to our felt existence.

To exist is not the effect of thinking. All thought is the effect of the Movement of attention that SEEMS hidden while focussing exclusively within the thought of disconnection from Source; from the Living Movement of one's being.

I write to invite a shift of perspective from the ongoing presumption of an independent and threatened sense of existence, to awakening within one's true power to flow WITH Life instead of attempting to be coercive upon its flow from a point of no authority or capacity to do so. One cannot sin against the Infinite, but the belief in actual separation is the result of choosing to persist such belief as if it were necessity. No one forces us to believe anything about ourselves and world but our pre existing structures of belief.
Coercive beliefs are not joyful. Their apparent fulfilment is a temporary distortion upon pain and fear.

Thank You for your attention

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