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Crazy Man

I enjoyed reading and interview with: George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - at the Daily Bell.

With regard to a phrase used in the commentary on the interview:
"How societies should be organized" is symptomatic of the lack or problem based consciousness. I would say that how societies choose to organize themselves is free of the idea of an external coercion working upon a defined lack.

With regard to the roots of the craziness in the 'white man' that has spread across the earth:

The sense of disconnection from Life (with a big L) is a foundational aspect of the 'white man's sickness'. Even though he might try to devise or imagine systems of asserted or imposed unity upon his psyche, and his world, they express the same root fear.

Unconscious fear belies our conscious waking experience, as which we imagine ourselves to be a segregated, private, separate organism or power unto our self - amidst a perceived conflicting competition of powers and adversities. That is we identify ourselves over and against our experience and seek to prevail and have dominion over our world such that it witnesses to our glory/achievement/importance.

This capacity of psychic disconnection from Life was developed over millennia - as a tool of exploration of experience. It can be seen in terms of many layered multifaceted psychological defence mechanisms. In this sense human consciousness/society is insane.

But the disconnection from Life is not actual, regardless the intensity of the experience of disconnection. There is a reintegration to true alignment and is exemplified by  George's willingness in acting on and following his excitement, passion and joy in life. This is the key to resonance. If one does not act from felt-connection one reinforces the disconnect.

I feel the phrase "White man" had a particular currency for the Native peoples with regard to predominantly European settlers - but is  more applicable to a cultural mentality than colour. To a mentality that is a stranger to itself, its world and its true relations and that seeks to redefine all things unto its own (self) image. This mental sickness was noted as distinct from simply operating racism in return.

I feel that mental sickness is the true nature of the problem and that attempts to coerce life arise from such fear and confusion. The concept of personhood itself has been disconnected from its functionality - as if the self-concept itself redefines its function. As if the mind redefines what mind actually is and operates as if such asserted beliefs are true and defends them with (and as) its 'life'.

Corporations are ego writ large upon the world.

Laws held some degree of order and limited behaviours acting against the interest of others or the whole but themselves became a vehicle of controlling others and disregarding wholeness.

Systems intending a fair and practical lawful transaction become corrupted to enact the power that pretends to legitimacy but is hateful in secret.

If everyone and everything is essentially here for you to get from, then there is no relationship, only strategy. Instead of sharing a blessing by extending the value of Life in the communications of meeting, there is 'gathering data'. Such a mind is fearfully programmed in a way that could be called 'mind control'.

Note that the mind is a channel of communication and experience, and the term mind-control is an oxymoron.

Yet in the currency of meanings and definitions that program our perception-experience, control not only feels real, it feels our most treasured possession - that is unless we re-integrate consciousness to Itself and relinquish the illusion of power in order to creatively engage the power of illusion.

If we choose to operate from a sense of self that makes us the enemy of Life, then that is the experience we have chosen to have. We may not set it in such terms, but if our personal or cultural self-specialness is worshipped above all else UPON the rejection of the other, then that is the idea we invest in - no matter how much obfuscating justifiction is summoned to its aid.

(I'm writing into the consideration of ideas raised here and not specifically addressing you. Your links all merely reopened this page).

George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - See more at:
George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - See more at:
George Burdeau on the Magna Carta, Subsistence Culture and the Future of Western Civilization - See more at:

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