Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Is paranoia itself a 'back door access' for fear's agenda?

An article on asserts that:

Apple engineered surveillance back door into 600 million iPhones

May I use the article to reflect that your own 'thinking' is an example of a 'back door' violation of integrity?

While your consciousness is compromised by the hacks of a manipulative and fearful suggestion, it runs the agenda of others whilst believing itself 'free'.

Phishing (identity theft) and spambots (infected networking of fear and guilt-driven thought), did begin with the 'apple' in the symbolic myth of the Garden - but I tell you the Tree of Life is not gone away - but is your true inheritance.

A willingness to 'come clean' or OWN your own fear or guilt thinking so as NOT to let IT USE YOU in exchange for a virtual existence in a sense of power that wears you out and abandons you.

There is an ongoing balance to be struck between facilitating communication and blocking or withholding such data from illegitimate access or violation.

The issues of integrity (of a system) and of trust (authentic communication and identification) are primarily within our Consciousness. The nature of our dilemma reveals our split mind. You cant have it both ways!

Systems that embody integrity will arise out of integrity shared, but systems that seek to operate coercion in the form of an integrity (such as our current financial, healthcare, defence or security systems), evolve designs of extraordinary complexity and obfuscation such as to stifle Life Functionality and operate as the herders of the herded - or indeed the culled.

We may not realize that every thought we energise that is of the nature of coercion upon our own experience and relations feeds the 'world' of hate, fear, shame, sickness and war - and I do not say this to condemn - but to invite a fresh waking appraisal of the kind of consciousness we want to cultivate as our 'world' - for we all experience whatever the 'world' IS - through the consciousness we accept and validate by acting as if it were true.

IT IS DIFFICULT to transition from a world in which we thought solid and in some sense dependable, to one in which deeper fears are unmasked and realities crumble that we did not know we had built our house on until they fell away. The habit-choices of fear and guilt are exposed and our OLD way was to try to cover them up and 'escape' ASAP! But this 'genie' isn't going back into the bottle - so the nature of your wishes needs to align to your true will - instead of playing out a conflict by which you frighten yourself.

Love's integrity and awareness is beneath the coverings of fear and conflict - and yet also beyond their reach. Sites that do anything to attract attention so as to sell that attention its payload - or to sell its guest to the designs of others illustrate a lack of integrity. This is a choice from which all can experience and learn what they choose to access or call forth in their consciousness, including the ones involved in attempting something that works against their true interest - yet seems RIGHT or necessary because of the WRONGNESS seen in others or the fear of consequence of not acting as circumstance seems to dictate. 

Pride comes before a fall. A true humility comes as a rising light.

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