Wednesday, 23 July 2014

War on Consciousness is father of the lie

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Massive rise in sale of British arms to Russia
MPs condemn sharp increase in trade with Moscow after missile attack on Flight MH17, while French President blasts 'hypocrite' Cameron as war of words erupts between London and Paris.
Manipulative propaganda would depict wars as conflicting interests, but a simple observation reveals that third party agenda set them up, encourage them, and profit from them.

This is not only something that can be seen outside in our world - but operates within our own consciousness.

Presentations, masks, personae, are employed and identified with as if they are real when they are really psychological defence mechanisms that tend to become vanities or conceits of self-inflated distortions.

I notice that we can become so identified within our own mind, that we lose all sense of connection and communication with other minds - and other perspectives, seeming to become possessed of what seems a fearful or destructive necessity. But no one is trapped by thinking excepting that in some way they want their thinking to be more true than what is actually true for them.

All that is required is a willingness to pause, and question one's thought and experience, in the light of a deep self honesty. Because a dishonest goal is a deceptive self-violation of integrity. THIS is where war begins… upon our self and dividing our thinking from our wholeness of being - as a sense of self that has separated from its Life and must now manage all by itself over and against a threatening and hostile competition amidst fear of scarcity and terror of exposure. Such a world is a choice that then becomes a conditioning that leads to the adaptation known as 'the human condition'.

If one tires of supporting war games that use destruction to create in their own image, then in whatever way your consciousness moves you, stop the world your thinking makes for you and uncover the willingness and curiosity to regain a true perspective - that is - of a fresh appreciation of the wholeness and quality of a truly shared sense of Existence. One cannot reintegrate with Life or Consciousness but one integrates with others… but within a perspective not available to the mind that plays or is played by 'divide and rule'.

You are free to play it - but will not appreciate what your true freedom is while you bind your self to it, and at some point will recognize you but deeply hurt your self - and teach it in fear and guilt derivatives, perhaps mixed up with promises of profit, or perhaps unmasked as toxic death.

What are you doing?

You are making choices, but have let them be made by thoughts that are not your own. For if they were your own thought, you would feel the joy and connection of Life that communicates a presence of wholeness, in acts that serve a reintegrating and unifying purpose.

There is a saying on the internet: "All wars are banker's wars". Use this not to shift war to wage it on bankers, but to recognize how fundamental our sense of worth and value is as our primary self definition. Where you invest your consciousness in, is the treasure you defend. I only ask you to check in with a true accounting so as to then trust your choices are in fact YOURS and not the result of a clever sleight of mind by which your integrity has been undermined and re-directed to serve some other agenda than your true - and truly shared - interests.

One can use negative inducements and experiences to serve a positive outcome, once one has regained the honesty of one's integrity, but yes, fear must be honestly owned and not hidden by cover-ups or covert ops.

We are all in it (Consciousness) together, but we are also innately free to choose "out-from" or as a directly felt relationship with Life. Guilt absolutely forbids that you uncover such an Intimacy of being. But who is it to tell you you are naked?

Responsibility is not blame but awakening. What are you 'buying and selling'?

Give only as you would in love's integrity receive. What goes around… comes around. There are better ways of relating than war - unless of course such is your highest calling.

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  1. I am listening... and i am absorbing. Thank you