Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bring on the empty Horses!

No more Trojan horses

Labour needs to explain why Birmingham failed to stop the Islamist practices in the schools under its control

Be aware that when those in positions of power and trust say "do as I say and not as I do", that they will send conflicted messages that undermine their own integrity and authority as well as teaching others that it is ok or even necessary to use coercive propaganda in place of a willingness to communicate.

As long as the 'parent' or leadership persists in its own fearful denial of its own confusion, it locks itself in a mask that is attempted to co-opt others to validate its own false sense of identity.

The dissonance of reaction and miscommunication that seems to call for even further coercive and deceptive 'control' is in fact the opportunity to awaken from a strategy that not only cannot work - but which further undermines all that yet IS working.

Human Existence without integrity and trust is bedlam. One can act out such confusion as if it makes sense and thus give your Life to that which neither knows or values you.

The urge to self-protection is easily used by the boy who cries 'wolf!' to divert it. But in time the trick is revealed and nothing the boy says thereafter is accorded credibility.

Be aware the mind is very cunning in its role as the justifier of your mask or persona and consider if saving face is in fact a saving grace or a deeper and denser and more costly set of lies. The ancient wisdom knew of this but expressed it in symbol and story - which a scientifically minded materialism rejects or ignores.

No one can tell you anything that you do not yourself choose to accept as true. You are the one who can discern what is truly resonant and relevant to your best sense of who and what you are now. When we believe fearfully, we are prone to want to hide our 'nakedness' and the voice of a self-serving suggestion will rise to our desire to NOT know what we fear we have become. Behold the deceiver is in our midst because a cover-up of a covert op regards exerting power as more desirable than accepting relationship in which true communication can enter and restore - step by step - a shared integrity of being to our awareness.

The blame game is the worship of a false god. There are many attributes of the term 'god', and one of them is foundation. Another is authority to which one gives trust and identifies within. A so called godless rationality is simply an illusion of a Pinochio-like puppet, rebelling against its condition as a device of extending a higher or greater Conscious appreciation into a scripted world of props and personae. But IT has no independent existence what-so-ever. Any IDEA that we call upon or accept as our own will define and dictate all that extends FROM such foundation. Ideas of a unified and integrated nature share on the gift of Life. The thinking that seems to run off apart from Life as if to be a power all unto itself is a trick of the mind that generates experience unlike our true nature - hence the fear and guilt that then gives rise to a world of competing powers seeking to control 'others' seen as enemy, slave or temporary ally.

There is almost always something in the communication or reflection of the 'enemy' or the 'other' that carries the opportunity for healing - IF we listen not in our strategic dictates - but in the peace of a listening heart. It really does come down to a choice as to where one turns for guidance. As long as the spell endures, one believes one cannot afford to open to anything that is not already 'on our side' and yet who is the caster of the spell but your own wish?

When 'worlds collide' the call is to open to a fresh cultural perspective. The old goats may persist in butting each other or butting in. But fear IS being exposed for what it is - and no longer can be hidden where and in ways it is NOT. Dumping fear or toxic debt onto externals so as to protect an elitist segregating mentality is not our 'salvation' - though of course one can choose to believe oneself specially endowed or afflicted and play out that experience upon others if they will have you.

One is free to imagine oneself creatively or otherwise - but one cannot uncreate one's nature AS creative - no matter how earnestly or self-righteously one seeks to validate one's persona as if IT were the creative. Identity confusion can only operate in a darkened room, in secret. Until one observes and understands the device by which we 'live' in separated secret minds that join only to protect and preserve separateness, the consciousness 'knows not what it does' for it takes reflections as real and forgets its true nature in struggle with the mirrored world.

One cant make a horse drink the water but one can drink thereof as a living example. Only them will one's word be 'Do as I do' - if you will, rather than 'do as I say, not as I do'. What you give out is what you get back. Honesty is a congruency and consistency of thought, word, act and experience. Pretending to be 'decent, respectable, caring, protective and empowering of others' is part of the wishfulness that serves to hide deeper fears or shames.

The illusion of powerlessness is perhaps man's greatest 'achievement'. You ALWAYS have and are a choice. But to know this, one has to turn away from falsely framed choices whose primary purpose is to keep you in the dark. It doesn't hold to blame governments for our own choices and their results - or to expect them to represent a conscious integrity that is not already sharing itself in the collective level of our communication. It is no use saying to those in positions of trust and leadership, "do as I say and not as I do".

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