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The Jesus Idea is both Messenger and Awakener

Daily Bell - Flee Rather Than Stand Your Ground
This article above seeks to suggest an alternate option from fight or flight (The heading is better put as disengage reaction rather than flee. Just walk away and put it behind you rather than feed that which only undermines your peace. Your peace is the clarity in which all else is appreciated as it is rather than struggling to make all things be as fear would have them be.

Here is my comment:

Give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar (while it pertains and to the letter of its law). Give unto God what is due unto God.

Any messenger of a higher or more inclusive consciousness operates as a connection or awakener TO such a perspective.

This either triggers acceptance or resistance and denial. The latter interprets or redefines the message and the messenger in ways that reinforced and supported such separation-consciousness in more subtle disguises - but which no longer act as a conduit or messenger-awakener Consciousness. This was called attempting to put New Wine into old bottles - perhaps because leathern old bottles cracked when used for new wine?

In any case the forms of the message were subverted to become assertions of ego-centricity and hate or coercive manipulation such as to effectively neutralise or minimise the awakener's restoration to align within their full and true Consciousness.

This process applies to any inspirational spark of Consciousness that rises in the awareness of a persona identification. It can be readily observed in one's own mind - and any moment is an idea moment in which to notice how the mind seems to interject and cover over the Living Relational Reality with an interpretive structure that embodies certain ideas, wishes and definitions that are running largely - but not entirely - within the automatic or subconscious layer of a split attention.

Any shift of awakening - of direct noticing - reveals a framework of previously unconscious choice that can then be disregarded if no longer aligning with one's truly conscious desire. Releasing the coercive or fearful framework automatically allows the restoration of wholeness - to the degree that the recipient is willing to accept. Hence we have instant healings as well as a process of healing - depending on the willingness and readiness to accept. Likewise we have instant inspirations and progressive illuminations.

Awakening does not depend on belief - but an assertive or strongly held belief against it will select only those interpretations that reinforce its belief. However, once one has transcendent perspective and healed perceptions, the beliefs that now replace fearful and coercive ideas and self-definition likewise set a loop of reinforcement experience - MORE in line with the true nature of one's truth, joy or wholeness of purpose and appreciation. Again this can be a sudden turnaround or an inner shift that works through a process over time.

This reintegrating 'process' or realisation, is going on all the time everywhere - but is generally not self-aware until it has a vehicle of conscious willingness through which to know itself. A fragmenting or segregating purpose is also active - which operates as a separate and disconnected self-sense that actively denies or FORGETS.

Although the symbol of Jesus is one of transcendence, it is also one of embrace and expansion of what is present as one's experience - so as to be given a restored or healed perspective on whatever it is. Of course one will soon meet one's own persona's insistence that the 'answer' has to fit the framework of the problem as you have defined it, and this operates as an unwillingness to listen or a filtering out of what is not 'on your side' as you have framed yourself.

The parable of the wheat and the tares serves to indicate that until the harvest is gathered, both positive and negative (integrative and segregative) purposes are active. The readiness and willingness to accept truth as it is - that is without assertion of coercive demand that it fit YOUR frameworked or virtual identity, is a shift to a perspective that abides as the ordinary conscious ground of whatever is otherwise experienced.

The split mind is like backing all sides of every conflict - but shifting between them in various scenarios. When we recognize our own hidden 'elitism', we are free to relate in a different way rather than throw the first stone at that which we hate and hide in our self.

The 'church' in the original phrase was simply a real relationship at a level of self-awareness. No organisation or system is required to 'prop up' that which we simply ARE in our natural free condition. But such as there are calls or needs for systems or organisations, they can be set up within the perspective of vigilance for freedom from self-enamoured coercive or fearful thinking - as willingness allows.

One cannot coerce coercion out of existence, but one can reflect and illuminate choices that ARE being made that ARE resulting in painful and apparently unwanted outcomes. Once we see that we are in fact choosing a framework that sets us up to fail, we are free to choose differently.

The fantasy of the special one is an ignorance and an arrogance. When we recognize or notice such a framework of desire and intention in ourselves we then choose consciously whether to persist in self-illusion or let it go and come back into a current wholeness of being. That we are free to choose pain and redefine it as pleasure does not eradicate a fundamental dissonance alerting you to your being out of true. It is not your enemy or damnation, but your friend - once you embrace rather than hide your fear.

Paradoxically, the willingness to release the psychic or personal survival at a mental level, allows a perspective and flowing awareness that can 'feel' its way in a current embrace of all forces present. This is 'guidance' of the higher mind or simply operating as a wholeness of being with all that is present. The guidance of a fearfully driven mind is blinkered if not blinded by its past conditioning and will fail to walk through doors it sees as walls and seek doors where there are none. Its JOB is to keep you focussed in the physical aspect and your insistence that that is ALL there is to YOU, asks it to perform what it was not designed nor capable of doing - hence the shift from loyal servant to negative block of sickness or resistance of self conflicted futility. 

Coming back into one's right mind begins with recognizing or accepting one's insanity - which is the dawning of a sane perspective in a mind of confusion. Those who wake to the 'asylum' serve their way to transcend such perspective - for as you give, so do you in truth receive. No one escapes their own judgement, but everyone is free to let it go and discover what the mind of 'divide and rule' cost them the appreciation of.

Everything is a matter of perspective. All proceeds lawfully from its foundation. There is always another way of looking at anything and everything. How do YOU choose to see this current event or situation? Freedom aligns with true signature joy. There is no coercion in 'God' and therefore none in you. Deception is a device in which that which is NOT, seems to be, and replaces or usurps what Is. All experience is real to the beholder but a lens of illusion only covers the light while it is employed.

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