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Integrity and insanity

This writing today was gladly shared with a willingness to ask. (From a comment thread here)

Dave said:
I hear you Binra. Your last word was integrity. Can we start there? If some have none of it, what do you suppose I owe them? Do I owe them communication at the very least? Isn't communication a two way street, listening as well as conveying? And what of sanity? Who should define it?

Can you see that human consciousness and indeed human communication operates a masked world - which includes the mimicking or the attempt to make an 'integrity' of a mask?
That in the world we become so confused in our identity that we often have reacted from the mask as if it were our true word and reacted to another's mask as if it were their true word?

So listening with discernment has to begin from a place that is itself awake or of a willingness that is open to the promptings and noticings of That in us which is of an integrated and integral awareness; of that which IS communication, rather than an attempt to DO or coerce communication to fit our filters of demand or expectation.

In some sense we all construct a self for ourself out of our predilections, our upbringing, and an ongoing adjustment to the world as we experience it - and if we become 'well adjusted' we can live what Socrates called the 'unquestioned life'; a surface that never gives way to reveal a depth.

So it will often be those who have in some sense been broken, or passed through change in which their sense of self - sanity and world - perception is fundamentally challenged. For those who successfully mask their true presence behind a mentality that convinces them that everything is as they believe it is are acting out a script of which they are unaware.

What do you owe your self - or indeed your Self? This is the key to integrity. If you honour, accept and appreciate the gift of life - that gives you your self and includes your experience, then you live out from that integral, integrated sense of congruency.
If you cheat or deny or undermine yourself then you engage with thought and act that dis-integrates you and gives a disconnected and struggling sense of self - in an experience that doesn't feel like a communicating flow of events but a problem to be solved in order to get your life back.
An interior awareness allows choice where otherwise is only reaction that operates as if it were free.

Those who act or communicate without integrity can serve you in many ways - but only if first your serve your self - with integrity. It is not for me or you to live another's life or make their decisions and give them our meanings - and the urge to do this rises from the sense of denial of one's own deeper responsibility.

I notice that when I am aligned in my being, I do not need others to fit into my 'plan' or scheme and can thus listen receptively and discern better as to how to respond or indeed whether to overtly respond. Giving as I would receive is the basis of liberty - for if I would imprison you in concept, how can I know myself free?
However, I do not have to associate with or agree with or join with that which feels it has no belonging in my own integrity of relation and indeed must exercise self-love in refusing to engage in that which is both meaningless and undermining of integrity to give energy and attention to.

I notice when I allow or inadvertently choose awry from my integrity, that the world and even my loved ones, immediately reflect back a lack of worth - and the disposition to see 'what is wrong' with the other, or the world, works as a kind of confused or reactive attempt to mitigate a conflicted sense of myself - that I have taken seriously and locked down on.

This answer is not perhaps what you expect or sought, because I am calling attention to your relation within your self - as it corresponds with whatever is going on and whoever your are with.

Communication in its fullest meaning is never really interrupted, and is always in a sense available to a willingness. You can use this to see that there is always another perspective - another way of looking at  - anything. The way we choose to see anything and the experience it brings us, will be uncovered as a freedom to give - if we loosen our own self-certainties enough to rewaken an innocent curiosity.

What you give is up to you. Absolutely up to you. There are all kinds of rules for thought and behaviour, but those which resonate and reflect your innate integrity will bring you to the trust in your own core vibrational knowing. While we fear our own deceptions we cannot unselfconsciously trust the full flow of our desire - yet exactly that is our joy in life - our freedom to be what we are rather than to struggle in what we are not.

Just as those who love each other do not interrupt its flow to stop and ask the mind "what is love?" - so is it that those who become aware of insanity are those who recognize in some sense they have lost it - or lost awareness and integration of it. We get in the way of our own light - and then lock down by blaming this block as our 'self'.

Yet even a mask of a self has to copy, mimic or pass off as something that is already true. If love were not already true where would rise an attempt to fake it or make it or even deny it real?
Once we have defined our self without integrity - we seek it as if we do not have it. We try to integrate our mind such as we now feel split off and threatened, but do so by rejecting all that we judge against and use judgement as the coercive defence of our own sense of protection and survival - as a separated mind (in a separate body in a world of separate things that exists 'out there' as a sort of dead matter in empty nothingness.

To come back into a true sanity requires we do nothing - not passivity - but do nothing from the reactive or coercive assertion of a dis-integrity. The saying "be still and know' is not about applied rigidity, but an inner relaxation to an uncoercive appreciation. But of course old habits are often deep set, so one's willingness to reintegrate will encounter the 'disintegrities' that work to sabotage or block or distort one's joy - one's essential communication in life. many see these and use them as proof they are unworthy, have failed, cant do it, blah blah blah. But it is up to you (or each of us) which thoughts we listen to and validate.

So what about all these crappy, lacking, faulty, insane, deluded or evil human beings?
It is up to you what you choose to give focus and relevance according to the theme you are exploring. From my heart I feel to bring attention to THAT we are free to choose and give trust to that in the light of a true choice, the choice will be truly made. But don't be deceived by the choices that the mask allows - for it only knows of its own defence. That's what it was for and remains.

I don't communicate to the mask - because it cannot hear. But the living ones who confuse the Life with fearful definitions, are limiting themselves unknowing. One can only communicate with a willingness or as an invitation to willingness. the mask can only transact. There's nothing wrong with a subconscious persona that reinforces and supports your focus and desire. But once programmed with negative association it will seem to 'have a mind of its own'. The more one fights it - the stronger it seems to become. One 'talks' to the subconscious by repetition of persistence and consistency. Align therefore with what you really want (in any given moment) so as to teach yourself what it is you want to learn.

The mind wants to map and control and extract meaning for itself. But in opening to the possibility of inspiration, it is the intuitive sense that resonates with what is relevant as a communication now. It is enough to 'get it' at a level that feels it and then that seed is your own 'knowing' and works in you as you give it welcome and value it. I am in a willingness to be helpful, not because you need it - but because I recognize and embrace my need to extend it.
Without each other there is no fight, nor is there any sharing in Light - in the recognitions that cant be weaponized or marketed (though their forms can be used to mean something else in the dark).

One way of looking at 'end times' is to see it as a Time of Choice. I feel to live in the choice that aligns most clearly with what it is that I am - and this is served by the reflection-experience of what it is I am NOT as well as by uncovering shared purpose in a greater communication than my 'little mind' could even begin to imagine.
How this works out in practice - for each of us - is an unfolding of the themes we are exploring as experience - which is as deep and subtly glorious as one is willing to allow. But this may only be as glimpses until the framework of a coercive mentality is left unused; rendered obsolete through non use. None the less, even a glimpse of a truly sane appreciation, is a life changing event - or rather the releasing of the (insane) attempt to change what Life Is, to a reintegrated Consciousness.

True learning is joyful. Can we start with whatever degree or shred of integrity we can live from - regardless of whatever past we feel defined and limited by? Some will have none of it - and seek to hold us to our past. They will be the ones who allow us to know we have moved on, when we no longer react to their thoughts and acts as anything to do with who and what we are - and if they are willing - we can extend a shared sense of integrity to them in whatever way serves the moment - but not as an attempt to prove we have it. That is how we 'lose' it or mask it.

Everyone can smell a rat - that is to say - can pick up on a coercive intent. We are experts - even children. Likewise everyone can discern integrity - because it resonates one's own.
So why are we fooled except we are distracted from noticing or too invested in our mask to allow it to dissolve? See how the 'world works' and uncover the way the mind works - without using what is revealed as a self-damnation or invalidation. Honesty allows a spontaneous willingness to be curious and thus to simply notice and express without side. In the sense that the world defines it - honesty is impossible - because the world itself operates as a deception. So rather than guarantee a fail in attempting the impossible, embrace all that you are from a fresh perspective.

Your definitions - your word - is what generates your unique experience. But much of this is unconscious to a daily waking mind - but active none the less. It isn't that there is an 'evil' mind in opposition to Life so much as negatively defined and invalidated self which is rejected, excluded and feared. A true communication can unravel a grievance to the core recognition of Life Integrity - but only as willingness allows. The hurt and rage of the human heart is not often felt to be truly received, but often works contagion and recycles over and over, over and over. One does not need to be clever to recognize insanity and desire to be free of it.

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