Friday, 27 June 2014

The ever more futile a tempt of imposing coercive will

iai with a talk on the changing world of intelligence services and threats to security.

My comment:

NOtional security operates according to what and who defines 'self interest' and therefore 'self'. One cannot but in fantasy presume an 'innocent' or neutral self independent of the feedback that the perceptions and actions of other with whom we are in relationship. For there are many historical and current institutional and corporate actions operating under the aegis of British, Western, or other alliance of projected power and commercial interest - that engender enmity, rivalry and opposing reaction.

Much of what constitutes trade, aid and financial support, has an private agenda of exploitative dominion over others. Indeed much of 'Western narrative' operates as a schismed mentality of 'democracy and freedom' that can seem to exist for a few because so much of the resource of others is usurped and extracted in unequal relation.

The war of powers, has operated as a 'shadow government' throughout history and the civilized and civilizing influence has grown within such a mentality as both the opening of a greater conscious perspective - and the subversion of such perspective to the ruling establishment or a revolutionary change of guard of a new establishment.

Ignorance is a state of wishful and manipulated fantasy relative to our relationship and self definition within that relationship. The most subtle and dangerous 'enemy' is that which manipulates the mind - our mind - in such a way as to usurp sovereignty of will - and therefore the sovereignty of national and international integrity.
One of the ways that such a deception operates is to re-frame self-definition over and against (real or imagined or contrived) threats of loss and violation in such a way as to self-justify acts of war at the level of communication itself.

Communication forms that are weaponised are propaganda or 'public relations'. This war of corporate and government intent upon populations is an insanity - yet is carried on as if it were in our national interest - not least because the 'rationalized' mechanisms of manipulation that have usurped true governance and commerce and communication have given rise to the conditioning and perception-belief of a population that cannot be trusted to act in its own best interests. This is the basic mindset of the 'ruling elite' model of a kind of fascism that imposes its mind upon its people as an underclass who are to be subject to every kind of surveillance and penalty for acting out of alignment with the imposed will.

But the new model is much more complex than before - with the operating of a kind of virtual pseudo society in which people can appear to be free, to dream and to dress up in all sorts of identities - as long as it does not leak into the actual power agenda of the establishment - which can use any or every kind of politic as long as it controls the money supply, the media and the technology of surveillance and suppression - whether in the public or private or imported sector.

The intelligence that I feel to invite into a mind of ignorant but fearful and passionately held conditioned reaction is that of restoring Consciousness as the framework or context of observation - instead of running from conditioned mentalities that 'already know or are certain' as to who and what they are and thus how and why they must act in ways that are not serving their or our interests truly.

The search for intelligence is the condition of believing one does not already have it - and must go 'outside' to get it. This is a picture of a confidence trick or identity scam. Evidences from the 'outside' world  must be truly discerned in consciousness - indeed to open honesty as to the nature of our perceptions themselves.

As out technological science gets smarter, we tend to collapse into a dumber and dumber model - where 'rationality' must 'lord it' over a dumb, irrational and therefore dangerous consciousness or population. Everything that is invested in such coercive mentality is withdrawn from that which grows trust as an extension of integrity in an honesty and congruency of thought word and deed.

To self honesty - nothing is hidden or withheld the simple asking desire to know. But to a self-secret fearful and coercive agenda, nothing stands obvious and clear but that everything is redefined to centre and revolve around a fearful and conflicted self of struggle and uncertainty. Such a mentality of disconnection from reality - from its   direct appreciation of its consciousness experience - generates a massively convoluted defence system that actually replicates and protects the very thing it is supposed to protect or deliver us FROM - but in ways that seem to distribute the guilt and pain away from self onto others.

But guilt, fear and pain CAN be healed, dissolved, undone as a point and focus of experience and conditioning. Where there is a true willingness there is a way. But this way must put down the wilfulness of fearful thought and reaction enough to allow Intelligence to come in! To persist in a self-fulfilling futility is not intelligent no matter how much genuine endeavour is focused there. One has to be willing not to know, in order to be restored to the framework of a true relation in which to discern THIS step. This has to become a way of life and not just an emergency call. To listen within our own Consciousness while acting within the world.

The result of Consciousness awakening to its true nature is of regaining a guidance and purpose that integrate consciousness rather than dis-integrate to segregated conflicting parts. It IS time for what was hidden to reveal itself so as to realign with the capacity to make a true choice - rather than persist in an illusory freedom whose choices all support a coercive sense of existence.

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