Monday, 23 June 2014

Rediscovering a true willingness for Life

Though couched in a reply to a single point in another's posting, this writing points to the heart of much that is operating as 'stuck' or 'war' in our day.

The original context of my post is here. (down in the comments where the Daily Bell posted that "the weakness of socialism is that SOMEONE has to decide how to distribute revenues etc")
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In any relationship of shared or common purpose decisions are to be arrived at. How they are arrived at is a 'freedom' in that we can engage our presence in whatever way we are moved, but that they will be decided is inevitable - because even deciding not to decide is an outcome.
I hold and teach that communication is the honest means for arriving at an outcome and is thus a way of free willingness to participate rather than engage coercive intent that seeks to co-opt or usurp a process of communication with a fixed agenda - or indeed a private agenda.
The 'battle of political identities' works as a fixed template of mutually destructive assertions and invalidations that become a definition for 'stuck'.
The personal identity itself is the level that is being defined in a fixed and negative framework. Hence the 'stuck' is actually the opportunity to become curious of the underlying belief structure of one's personal identity. This of course is the last thing that occurs or attracts the desire to animate and embody such identity - and hence is why many human beings save such learning for their last moments or only when all else has demonstrably failed.
In any relationship, a process of willingness for a communication will result in a perspective from which a step may be taken as an expression of such willingness. It may come from the leader, or the follower, or from or through any agency - but the focus is in the listening for the way of it.
In war, the focus is on blocking and coercing communication because it is seen as a threat to a fixed point of view - which is NOT open to communication.
Despite the collective choice for a mind or war, communication IS occurring but unconsciously and beneath the capacity of a filtered mentality to recognize and accept - and so there is what is actual and there is a perceptual disconnect which is maintained and reinforced via the mechanism of conditioned reaction.
True Authority is that which the human consciousness has defaulted to usurp. But it remains true that if we listen in the heart, with integrity, we uncover information and perspective that serves a reintegrative purpose. But to persist in asserting a self-wilfullness of disconnecting fixed position serves a segregative and disconnecting 'divide and rule' mentality.
The forms that 'divide and rule' can express itself through are legion - but it is not the form that is the meaning - but the mentality of its embodiment.
Form-focussed mentality IS a conditioned program. Discernment feels through such presentations for what is actually communicating. If the form of a communication is masquerading as a relationship, it is not to be engaged with at that level but discernment is called forth as to how best to communicate as an expression of an actual willingness for relationship. If there were 'set rules' as to how to relate, there would be no dance of life, no shared journey of discovery, no revelation of the nature of love - but simply a blind mechanism.
When SOMEONE is given - or assumes power to make decisions as a personal capacity then a deception is engaged in by which Consciousness or true Relations is denied to the playing out of competitive appetite - of a self-specialness pitted against others. In itself this need not be seen as a SIN - but as a habit that once owned, becomes a choice that can be reevaluated in the true context of the moment at hand. But while our 'self-gratifications' are seen as SIN, they are hidden, masked, dressed up in forms of respectability until the society decides sin is simply the natural way of human mechanism and redefines it as honesty.
All the 'isms' are obsolete. Ideology is obsolete. The mentality of coercion is starkly revealed that was always active before but less obvious to those engaged in their identity.
Here at the end of such identity is a stark choice; a mentality of assertive coercive denial or a willingness to listen and in a sense be reintegrated to the Consciousness that is always present beneath the appearances and conditionings which are in a sense our co-creation in absence of a deeper integrity.
For the world we experience is not just 'happening to us' but is filtered and given meanings that we have personally and collectively accepted and DECIDED to make our own.
If a SOMEONE has to make decision as to how to live then let it be arrived at in an honourable way - allowing that we are deeply habituated to fear and cannot abandon our old belief system until we have grown a new one.
The willingness to listen is also the desire that any voice that is denied, rejected or un-heard is allowed to speak and is embraced in a willingness to listen. The miracle is uncovered where the grievance seemed to be - but is not under conscious 'control' of SOMEONE. To feel a way of walking and working together is a living relationship. The attempt to escape this by means of applying mechanical templates is the demand to remain UNCONSCIOUS - in dreams of a SOMEONE who refuses relationship to prefer instead the reflections of their own image-ing.
Everything that has been 'divided' and set against itself is a faceted WHOLE. This appreciation is not withheld us - excepting we each withhold our true presence from our creations - from our thought, belief and definitions - and engage a partiality at the expense of our own wholeness instead of creatively exploring a unique perspective within a wholeness.
The term free market is used and abused like any other symbol. A market of deception may be propagated as 'free to get more without giving true value'. This mentality collectively engaged is effecting planeticide. Disconnecting from Life in order to coerce and exploit it has only one outcome. The idea of a private mentality over and against all else is not a true foundation - even if it can be experienced as if it were reality.

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