Friday, 2 May 2014

Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking: 'Transcendence looks at the implications of artificial intelligence - but are we taking AI seriously enough?'

Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks, says a group of leading scientists
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The shift from mentality to true Consciousness will reveal our human personality construct and the body (brain) that is the interface with non physical consciousness, as a kind of 'artificial intelligence'. That is - as a device designed to operate with a degree of autonomy within a specified template.
That the interface with higher mind, wholeness and Consciousness became opaque as a result of focussing exclusively on the apparent autonomy does not change the fact that it is an interface. Only the exclusive focus makes a mentality seem to be in any kind of control of consciousness and therefore life.

In all our technologies, if we merely extend this exclusive focus, we extend the apparatus of power struggle.

We are not safe from hurting ourself while we engage in power struggle and do not ultimately allow ourself the toys that would not only mess up our local consciousness-experience - but impinge on the freedom of others in theirs.
But a radio does not generate its signal and nor does a brain generate its consciousness. It does play a significant role in constructing a model of the reality it tunes to and can be recalibrated to tune into more inclusive/integrated frequency experience.
Whether we know it or not our machines are no more or less neutral than anything else - but within our own conditioning they have originating purpose that is energetically part of their function until or unless consciously re-purposed. One of the most pervasiv and invisible programs running as a basis of the mentality we associate with consciousness, is control. Even to attempt to understand or to map is an expression of such control. What is forgotten is that an open and unified Consciousness does not separate or divide itself so as to coerce one aspect with another, but simply knows all that is presencing itself within itself in whatever way is resonating and relevant to its movement of desire.
Everyone - perhaps - has had experience of harmony or flow of being and alignment of event in which everything falls into place absent of coercive interference. And then we 'lose it' because unbeknown to us, coercion was reintroduced.
The freedom from constraint and limitation appeals to the 'getter' for it would be unlimited in its appetite; a hollowness that never can be filled. But in its blind lust it tramples and overrides all relations unknowing and hurts itself by the reactions it invokes and yet more in a sense of dissonance or guilt that it cannot escape and so makes a religion of.
The principle liability of the 'getter' is of trying to find external or technological solutions to psychic-emotional problems. Its 'solutions' are the contagion of its shadow problems. Or as programmers say 'garbage in/garbage out'. The integrity of our consciousness is of course self-honesty. That this has been usurped by a self-assertion of reactive defence to conditionings that are false or non-applicable needs to occur before honesty can be restored as a foundation rather than used as a moral lever where convenient.
The 'will' that would steal its mind from God seeks to substitute its own 'father' - and the children of such a 'father' will likewise usurp and deny their father. Thus, no surprise that we fear our machines will turn upon us - because we know well the working of such device in our own consciousness!
The answer to fear is unified integrity. To resist an evil in its presentation is to be baited into an endless evolutionary dead end.Consciousness responsibility cannot presume itself conscious without actually checking in - that is to use the interface of our mind as a receptivity rather than as a weapon. A true receptivity is not coercive upon itself (or others) and can know the movement of its desire in a trust that does not involve a 'middleman'. Fear of exposure disallows coming 'home' and works to protect the 'middleman' that seeks 'control' in fear of loss of self. This is abundantly reflected in our world but can only be truly addressed within our consciousness.

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