Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beyond the Machine #1 : Mechanism within Consciousness

Thoughts arising from or in compliment to iai's 'Beyond the Machine' event


Mechanism within consciousness is like the idea of emulated hardware running as software. All thinking is in some sense device - whose meaning or function is contingent on the use for which it is serving.
The primary or inherent function of thought is the reflection of the movement of being that we call awareness.There is no actual separation between awareness and its object thoughts excepting the father or source comes first. Not in time, but in relation the thoughts are children that are in all respects like their source.
The device within consciousness whereby an alternate to source is imagined as father or cause, gives rise to children that are likewise expressions of their generator. An alternative to 'what is' doesn't exist, and so to function as a cause must be given existence by the device of forgetting what is, in order to explore the ideas that arise to a self that believes itself separately existing and therefore seeking to establish itself from a segregated  self-sense amidst a conflicted and unrecognized perception of All That Is - as if it too is separately existing.
The identity of the self in its seemingly private reality is constructed and defined by the relations of the world it perceives in all its reflected qualities, and then by the tools or extensions of its own emergent consciousness. Until is becomes ready to remember or reawaken to its nature AS the extension of consciousness. As a creative presence rather than as a mentality serving a persona that presumes itself acting within and upon an organism.

But there is no hardware - excepting from the perspective of a program running within the emulated layer. In a sense this program enables feedback that serves the refining and reprogramming of the device layer template.
The nature of our thinking at the level or within the focus of human experience is like that of its basis; it separates to control as the device 'divide and rule'. But the bleed though of the original nature brings in the reintegration of that which seemed split or divided and demanding of control.
The re integrative movement is the realisation and recognition at the level of cause - not in the sense of power over other or world - but as the power that dreams the world. Such power is shared or unified and beyond misuse or corruption, but the fearful belief that it has been used and has effected corruption is the device by which a split off consciousness makes a persona founded in keeping such fear unconscious .
The spontaneous nature of manifestation is that as one asks, so is it given. The idea contains its own unfolding of fulfillment. This does not seem to be the case within a scenario in which we have already asked to persist in the struggle of self-forgetting experience.
We thus know not what we do - because we have made it unconscious to our focus within the 'embodied mind'.
The imagination that we can step out of our consciousness and act upon it is an illusion of self. For the acts are determined at a level of which such surface self is unaware and believes it must remain unaware of in order to exist.

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