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Constructing the world we believe we see

I had fun commenting into a Telegraph article that began thus:

Use your illusion: why human vision is a mathematical impossibility

 Nothing you see is real. You can't believe your lyin' eyes. “Colour doesn’t exist in the world,” says Dr Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist at University College London. “Nothing is coloured. That's obvious.” But it’s worse than that: “It’s impossible to see the world as it really is. A mathematical impossibility. This problem isn't just the problem of colour vision, it's the problem of vision, it's the problem of the brain. The problem of uncertainty.”
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Perhaps such a line of enquiry could reopen a Consciousness-centric perspective rather than one based on the monotheistic god of 'external reality' (as if there is only one 'external reality' that is Cause unto us rather than effect) in which a split off segregated 'consciousness' is mysteriously associated within its flesh avatar and such personality construct is then defined and bound with a particular facet of the human conditioning.

The point raised in the article is - Is it useful? - which in my terms would be is it resonant and relevant to MY life focus.

While we WANT to NOT know we are in a movie or a game, we seek and find only that which reinforces our desire. If we WANT to know directly - in Consciousness, what it is we are, then we have to desist or pause from identifying and reinforcing what we are NOT - (but enjoy playing out as if it were real).

Science equates brain with mind. There are equations at the level of the patterns of particular forms of consciousness - but brain does not equate to Consciousness any more than a tv originates or contains its signal.

The brain includes functions of blocking out, filtering or masking. Our consciousness uses 100% of its abilities to pretend to be 1% - because it is following a desire that has set it as a 'useful' or relevant and resonant limitation.

All definitions offer the context of our feeling and thoughts and thus perceptions. We do not recognize they are definitions because we call them the world.

The mind that thinks it is a brain tries to control. Look and see the world that rises in reaction to the attempt of coercion. The mind that operates via the brain as the 'diver' in the physical reality experience is a facet of a wholeness which includes the non local or non physical counterpart. The two work together as one - but the nightmare of separation from 'Source' is what sets the human conditioning in guilt, a sense of innate wrongness and no sense of one's integrally communioned consciousness.
The motivation to deny Consciousness and fixate upon and 'external world' upheld ever in one's constant mental distraction, is fear. Unified being or love, has become threatening to the exercise of a separate power that pits itself against and 'lives' by reaction and denial of its undoing unto Self (for want of a better word).

There is always another way of looking at ANYTHING! Imagination is not 'unreal' so much as relegated to unconsciousness while the 'rational' hero 'solves the world'!
This is an example of the non physical/physical unity. We are imagining ourselves and making it real through our experience. If we don't LIKE what we are (unconsciously) creating, we need to OWN what is ours by uncovering the self-definitions that have to be held in order to experience it. Having owned our experience, we are free to make new choices - that is we are free to attend to what we DO want instead of focussing on what we DON'T want - as if we have to get rid of it first.

Uncovering Consciousness goes way deeper than curious puzzles. It blows our cover! (Some might say it blows our mind. Without our mental coercive interferences, reception is crystal clear - and includes where useful, mental aspects of a wholeness of Idea.


One can posit that everything is real. Nothing is more or less real, it is only more or less RELEVANT and RESONANT to YOUR current state of being. One can and will ally in reinforcements both positive and negative that then tend to make largely unconscious conditionings. Uncovering this is what makes us seem like mechanism, yet even the belief we are mere mechanism is creating its experience of a Consciousness event.
The Consciousness Event is Existence Itself - regardless of the perspectives and forms and meanings that colour it. One might say one is given the gift of Existence to go forth and multiply whatever you love (focus on with desire and intention).
The 'Sun shines on the just and the unjust alike'. There is NO coercion involved in true Creation. But a coercive intent arises from the idea of fear, loss and separateness and seems meaningful (real to us) within that context.


Vision rises from self definition in relation to, so if one defines oneself so as to  dissociate from one's experience one reduces vision to fragments and associations that effectively preserve a dislocated or withheld attention - which is itself a choice among choices, but not a definer of all choices.

The actual experience of communication is transcendent (whatever medium use or media mused). This is to say Consciousness is within each and all its parts in infinitely rich expression. Vibratory frequencies do not only apply to electromagnetic radiation but to consciousness itself. (Consciousness extends communication via vibratory frequencies that are the carrier signal to all information. One cannot tune it to that which one is not equal to or accepting of.

No one can MAKE another see, but we can let what we behold share itself in the ways that we are attracted and excited by - just because! And there will always be some who share in the movement in consciousness that brought it into being - because that is the function of consciousness. Even if humanity redefines mind as a weapon of mask and deceit.

Robert Govan commented to the article:

NOTHING you see on the TV or what the mass media tells you is real. It's all illusion. See my post below. Thank you patriots, we will soon be free.

I replied to Robert Govan

If YOU are real, you GIVE your reality to what you choose to accept. Therefore you ARE free. Watch out for the waiting illusion! The waiting room is full of those who want to sell you something to keep you waiting some more.

What is this 'you' that is being posited here? Can it be shown to exist?

Clearly something is experiencing/experienced. (Even if what is being experienced is a filtered and distorted misperception).

If 'You' are awareness - can you in ANY sense be shown to be separate from the objects of such awareness?

Perhaps with the internet, we have a vocabulary for a virtual self in its virtual world. Like our financial system, much that seemed solid is an evaporation.

If one is going to Embrace Physics - then Consciousness is its Source and nature and expression - but our virtually derived notions of self and consciousness necessarily diminish and deny the true nature of consciousness in order to 'survive'.

As long as the attention and identification persists in activating and reinforcing the virtual reality, it will we 'trapped' or defined thereby. The only 'way out' of an impossible situation is to recognize one is not in it.
Jesus was not a social worker. (Not to say that social workers may not also extend recognition and true worth in all they say and do).

bohemond commented to the article:
Immanuel Kant told us this 200 years ago.

I replied to bohemond:

One might say that the truth and the messengers of truth are forever in our face but while it is turned away there is no reception. But the interference can be used to generate a different kind of experience... of a private, unshared mind. Which plays a part in a world of powers and personas - including philosophers.

sodit sadmaninagame commented to the article:

What dear Mr. Chivers is trying to tell us is, like left wing politics, what one perceives and reality can be two completely different things.

I replied to sodit :

    Your experience is really experienced - even if it is delusional. When people solicit mutual reinforcement it helps maintain the world as they imagine or wish it to be... for those who share the idea. Whenever such a pride-bubble arises in its scarcity consciousness, it is followed by a crash or fall. Redefining Life in terms of destruction makes a virtue of wasting the Life of oneself and Others. Not that it is a virtue - but that while its on it is believed with great intensity - or else the scarcity consciousness would rise up naked like a Beast from the Deep!

speedofdark commented to the article:

I was being a little sarcastic below since it was a part of 3rd form physics to be told how the perceptive apparatus of our brains worked to decode the external world. That external world is simply energy in various constructs and forms. Our human wiring is of a kind and nature to allow us to see the world in a form that is usable by our species.

Not a lot new in that but that s how it is.


I replied to speedofdark:

    I grokked that from school physics - and within it is the realisation of a 'world' that is a model in consciousness. Nothing leaves or is outside consciousness - yet the belief-perception that it does gives rise to some incredible experience - as I'm sure you know. So compelling is it - that one totally forgets consciousness and becomes distracted within the 'world'.

    (Note that this journey through time is supported from 'within' - which is to say there are facet of consciousness that are usually un-conscious - from the perspective of what we take to be our waking self).

    Information without realisation may be the 'same old same old, but its realisation is always absolutely Fresh!

#9 Comment to article

A brain cannot 'see' or know, it can only facilitate seeing and knowing (or not). The body mind (and brain) is a communication device.
When dissecting scientists did not find a biological Soul they kept the 'self' or persona - and yet should it not have been thrown out with God and the Soul?
Whatever Life/Existence Is - knows Itself through its extensions and by its expressions.
An operating system can be run in emulation layer on an architecture that otherwise it could not run. While the mind identifies exclusively with its local expression it will only 'know' within the emulation layer that it takes as its 'world'.
The non-local is so pervasive - so infinitely omnipresent as to be perfectly invisible. And yet without it, there would be no awareness or experience.
Take care of your brain and your body and your consciousness will realign. But seek to use it as a command and control device and you will find ever more struggle and chaos to have to manage!

IvyMike commented to the article:

None of this tells us why we need to 'see' at all, as opposed to all being 'philosophical zombies'. A computer linked to a camera can distinguish different colours without 'seeing' anything. The observation part of consciousness seems to have no known useful function.

I replied to IvyMike:

    Maybe if you invert that you'll have a Eureka moment?
    Nothing and no one needs tell you that your innate function is to behold - to experience and to know yourself and your Self thereby. This goes on all the time anyway - whether you are conscious of it or not.
    No computational activity has any manifest existence until it is translated into experiencable tangibility.
    It could be posited that the personality structure that presumes itself the power and actor according to meanings it generates - then blocks and interferes with its true function to no needful benefit excepting a self perpetuating negative loop from which to awaken.

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