Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Power to control the minds of others

The Daily Bell likes to speak on issues the mainstream don't address in the positioning of reading the times for investment activity. It sees much/most of history as 'directed' by power elites.

Surprise! Economist Magazine Approves of Internet Governance Conference in Brazil
I notice that the self-policing occurs as a result of feeling intimidated by a seemingly all knowing overseer who wields a power that no one can really fight and win.

But I also see the reflecting of our own consciousness back at us - and I invite recognizing fear, coercion and its ploys within our own mind - so as to be free of them.

When one sees the lie as a lie - one can no longer believe it and live as if it were true. The need for an enemy is the device by which to displace the liar and its guilt and fear payload ELSEWHERE!

Tolkien offered prescience - for all his fantasy packaging. The relinquishment of the coercive control mentality in the individual is the opening to Consciousness Itself. Human consciousness has over millennia developed a capacity for disconnecting awareness of its true nature by means of a device that sets up division, coercion, conflict, loss and power-over.

This 'power lust' is bringing its own end-time by having consumed its host. When watching a BBC program on metamorphosis, one example was the grasshoppers ate up all their resources and thus condensed to smaller areas and their subsequently more frequent antenna communications triggered the gene switch that brought the change to winged offspring.

In the same way I am suggesting that when painted into an impossible situation, the realisation one is not IN it comes as the fruit of a shift in perspective to a capacity to look at the beliefs and definitions from where they are seen as beliefs and definitions rather than being 'traded' as real currency.

Consciousness expresses its foundation. To have made a foundation of our own that blanks off and usurps Consciousness Itself is like getting so immersed in the Net or a computer game - that you invest your life in it - over and over again. (AKA addiction).

The addict that denies their addiction lives a script in which all things have to either support getting their fix or not threaten it.

When finally bottoming out - they can no longer support the script and the recognition of insanity becomes the dawning of a relationship WITH Sanity.

To DO what you ARE is simply congruency and not a fearful controlling strategic act. Listening or feeling for the appropriate forms of what to say or how to be or whether to remain quiet are all attributes of a connected Consciousness. If you really want to live on 'manual override in an isolation experience, then impose your particular quagmire of rules and regulations and play out 'victim and victimizer' in how ever many variations it takes to grow tired of it.

The way the power-mentality works is to subvert ALL things unto its own agenda - so if something happens that is not its design, it subverts it. All that is your true Inheritance as Conscious Awareness is subverted to such 'power' WHILE SUCH IS YOUR CHOICE - knowing or unknowing. The more control it believes it has the more insanely disconnected it becomes in pursuing it. (THIS ALONE demonstrates it does not rest in power). It knows no peace.

There is already a Living Net that is already a perfect communication system - but we chose to turn our back on it and make our own mimicry. How hollow and loveless - even lifeless - does it have to get before we wake up from slavery? Each of us is a individual will within collective agreements. The power of illusion can be used for extending joy instead of exporting pain as if to make less pain seem joyful. The illusion of power carries a cost that no one in their right mind would pay - but as I tried to show we traded that mind in when we let 'a bit on the side' blind us to our true desire.

Materialism does not believe itself deceived. Power is its only reality and the only question then is who wields it and aligning with it. All fragments of love's unified reality are traded as deceptions whereby to sweeten the poison, or justify the unjustifiable.

The Talmud reportedly portrays Jesus in boiling shit for an eternity. Fear of love NEEDS hatred to persist and will get it from you any which way it can - while you think it speaks for You.

Mr Putin recently called the Internet a CIA project. Control of the minds of others is the dream of the wannabe god. But to worship such a god you have to give up your own and have none else besides.

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