Saturday, 26 April 2014

Linguistic misperceptions amidst a 'war' on communication

ZNET article: Former NSA deputy director: Snowden leaks caused 'significant disservice' to the Internet

Summary: Edward Snowden caused more damage to the Internet than the U.S. intelligence community did, according to a former deputy director of the NSA. But of course, he would say that. So, now what?

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One can do a disservice to another or to others by acting in a way that undermines integrity, trust of communication and purpose.
One cannot do a disservice to 'the Internet', any more than to 'History'.

The revealing of hidden agendas potentially serves a clearer communication because one is no longer suffering under the illusion of privacy or confidentiality and thereby unwittingly having one's acts and communications used or abused by secret others.

But secret personal agendas are the nature of power struggles, and everyone who subscribes to that mentality engages at some level, personally and collectively in power struggle.

As a result of it becoming more publicized that digitally transmitted information is logged and monitored or surveiled in various ways by powers great or small, one can be more discerning as to what, why and how one acts and expresses themselves.

The 'revelations' could feed into the NSA/GCHQ design by magnifying the fearful belief in an all seeing power that can strike anywhere in the world at will - or put one on a blacklist or indeed an asset list. Thus almost everyone will police themselves in fear and be less and less able to communicate openly if they have to use complex security encoding protections.

As such it is the revealing of uncloaked power, and whatever the reactions or costs to US/UK Tech sector or political reputations globally, it asserts itself under guise of notional security. The notion being that the guise of US interest as defined by its financial and corporate masters is equated with a global influence that extends into the space around our planet.

Power struggles often result in destructive change rather than shifting consciousness more gracefully. The latter is the opportunity to awaken as the Consciousness Responsibility in which mentalities, personas and ideology and beliefs play out as polarites of each other.

The Internet, in its rapidly evolving extension of our own consciousness REFLECTS that consciousness back to us. Humankind has its own inner 'virtual realities' and dislocations from our actual presence, our actual, integrity. We are never lacking faith. We simply choose WHAT to invest it in. If we chase the game of power, we become exclusively identified with our persona/avatar. But as with any inflated bubble of perceived value - it pops to a humiliation that actually serves a true humility.

Discernment is not a strategy so much as an extension of trust. First one has to uncover a basis of trust within one's own consciousness, and that requires releasing the projection and investment of one's own shadow hates and fears on others as a mode of keeping them hidden from one's OWN awareness.

The world as we know it is structured so as to serve the division of consciousness rather than its unified expression. The Internet is being structured likewise by setting up fear. Free sweets make an identification and scarcity holds the control. Nothing new here.

The dependency on externals reflects a lack within. One may shift from fear by recognizing 'external' fulfilments with heartfelt gratitude within, and the extension of such in honour and appreciation into our lives. Whereas the more one fights, the more there is to fight.

A computer maxim is 'garbage in; garbage out'. The thoughts, feeling and beliefs that run in our mind are not really put there by others unless one persists in THAT belief. We choose what to accept into our mind and then act from it and make it our own. This responsibility remains ours no matter how deeply we seem to have given it away. We can never escape it for free will is the nature of our being - as we are created to extend likewise. A virtual layer runs in emulation in which the puppets seem to have cut their strings and be powers unto themselves.
Games are addictive and can persist long after the fun has worn off.
It is all in our Face - as we are willing to see.

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