Saturday, 8 February 2014

Libertarianism or freedom?

Commentary to article on the Daily Bell regarding Conservatism and Libertarianism - with reference to various other ism.
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Regardless of any forms of thinking, they can be used to substitute for the freedom and communication of shared and embodied idea - and thus become a separation device for a coercive or mechanical subjugation of the living idea to the dead concept.

The freedom of idea creation and its embodiment cannot be got rid of, because it is you, but can seem to be lost to self definitions of a coercive intent. That we then seem to suffer within our consciousness and by reflection

While we merely react to, we persist in, and experience and identify as. This merely re-enacts past decisions or interpretations in perhaps new clothes.

That we are not merely reactive mechanism to be programmed, managed and subjugated is not proven by taking the bait of opposing such idea - but by embodying the freedom and communication of the shared idea. Of unalloyed inspiration.

The shared idea is not coercive upon us but reveals us to ourselves and each other. To the mind that is engaged in conflict and identifies itself thereby, the shared nature of existence is 'game over' and so it is predicated on persistence against all odds - and ultimately against all that lives. Fearful survival as a psyche, identified exclusively with the body.

Such mentality of a segregative self is blind by choice, though it insists there is no light or that it has killed it or been somehow abandoned. Its foundation depends on knowing not what it does and of course it redefines freedom in terms of the separated and secret self interest, which embodies as a 'war of powers'.

To be unconflicted in oneself is to embody the freedom to communicate within oneself such that nothing is denied or rejected. But what is chosen from all the strands that are presently moving, is that which is relevant and resonant to one's joy.

Enlivenment is not really a resurrection, so much as the sloughing off of what does not serve nor belong to us in our connected joy. If libertarianism is not an expression of the freedom it purports to aspire to or deliver, then it has been 'infiltrated and usurped' by a loveless or joyless intent.

Good News! A loveless of joyless intent has been uncovered whereby to own and release and thus more freely embrace and embody joy. If not for the feedback-reflections of our interaction we would not uncover our own self-imprisonments - and so gratitude is due to those who bring us such realisation - though they know not what they do,

The discovery that the light is not dead, nor absent, nor rejecting one's sense of self, is profound. A foundation uncovered that replaces that made in fear and darkness. Learning to live in true alignment amidst the old habit mentality is like a struggle - but is really a persistence and consistency of valuing one's self. This is inextricably linked with our valuing of each other and of Life - with a capital L - for life is not as we define it. It lives us and our experience of it is via the definitions and beliefs we choose and accept.

Perspective is always available, but identifying exclusively with a segregative mentality foregoes perspective to follow its own thinking. This is simply a matter of awakening responsibility as Consciousness. Yes, a capital C!

Unless our perspective opens to Consciousness itself, we merely persist in and as the same idea of 'power over'. And it is this that makes us unfree while we employ and engage it.

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