Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Correlations in Consciousness - Central Banking and Control Mentality

 I wrote this first into the Daily Bell's commentary on Central banking and deceit

Central Banking is a stealth or shadow governance. Within its domain one is supported and enabled to exercise the freedoms it permits, which work to increase dependence and undermine sovereignty of will. It is a symbolic representation of a 'deceiver' mentality, by which one can be served a self specialness of added power, freedom or possession. This is the exchange of the living for the dead, because the living is a presence based wealth and the dead is that which is... not here - though it seemed to be then and is surely coming when...

I appreciate dipping into the attempts of a self honesty that permeate the Daily Bell and its commentary contributions, but I am an uneducated illiterate with regard for the complexities of financial systems of communication. However, in my own observation and experience within consciousness, I can feel the correlation of the complex trickery of the mind in its mutifaceted psychological and emotional defence mechanism - which is required  divided the indivisible and to justify the unjustifiable... with the expressions of power (in the worldly sense) such as are principally exercised in control of the supply and communication of information that which is or has been made vital.

Breakdowns of control can be in a sense manipulations to more radically dissociate - such as into rigid fundamentalist mentality - which can give way to a more integrated consciousness but often replaces one form of tyranny with another.

The mechanisms of dissociation are in the catch-all of sin-guilt-fear-terror. The word 'sin' is used here in its raw sense of dissonant being - of a conflicted self-sense that is uncomfortable, alarming, disturbing, unsettling. Maintaining a posture or focus of consciousness that is out of alignment with one's true desire, has such a 'contra to the flow' sense of opposition - but is easily released as a whole consciousness. However, the capacity to use such dissonance as a basis for a mentality of dissociating or segregating consciousness is one that operates from a self-defined standard of currency of experience.

Such is our human personal consciousness when dissociated from presence in its distractions and diversion of a mentality of what could be called a 'control mentality' or a 'private creation'. If one asks 'what is presence' then one is successfully disconnected from the living, by what has no actual foundation in the living - being born of 'dead' or disconnected and disconnecting thinking.

Recognizing the patterns and devices of power and deceit in the world, has the opportunity to own our own consciousness, instead of being run by its 'central banking system', and so to live - that is to listen or receive as well as to act forth - in ways that honour the uncovered wholeness or presence of one's actual connectedness or integral existence.

This is an entirely different basis than seeking a privately owned centrally controlling survival mode. trying to roll the perspective of such intimate knowings or insight into the complex derivatives of hidden or imaginary values, cannot work and can only work against the emergence of a deeper sanity.

But of course one can and must work with what works, in whatever ways work best  - in the light of a working integrity of consciousness. The way in which we live and work - and indeed rest and play - is the keynote - because that which is fear-based always communicates its parentage - no matter what forms or presentations it asserts or how many agree to accept such presentations as if they were actual presence.

The mutual constructs of human consciousness and its cultures and civilisations are an alloy of fear and love. Love is the unified and unifying presence that is lost to any attempt to coercion - and so is perceived threat to the segregative self-sense that gives rise to fear as the means and power and nurtures guilt as the leverage to undermine and make powerless.

With such 'consciousness exploration', love and the fear are mixed up in such complex confusion that clear and consistent vision has become impossible from within the 'game'. Because the link to a truly aligned Conscious Presence is so readily usurped by a mentality of righteous presumption.

Negative co-operations can work as checks and balances so as to maintain a capacity to continue in the 'game' - albeit with agreements to give away power so that no one has overwhelming power. But no matter how well meaning or well devised such systems are on surface - beneath it is the mentality unchanged that will seek out and find the way to subvert such rules or systems to its own private appetites. The cat and mouse scenario between competition for power evolves as ever more complex specialisations, such as to become opaque to the general population - or in terms of individual consciousness, to provide an unquestionable surface reality that is de facto lived within rather than challenged and seen for what it is rather than what is seems.

It is impossible to communicate to those who believe they are disconnected, independent, power unto themselves while they are wholly engaged in the 'game' of such self-definition and its experience. Not because one's presence ceases to communicate all that it is - but than no one is listening.

But when the tares grow such as to ruin the harvest, the desire for a true harvest re-awakens as the memory and desire for true presence, and a natural process of sorting out and purification, reveals what is of value from what is valueless.

An honest accounting and good housekeeping, serve good relations. The hiding of the fear - and what fear spawns, is the mask. While we play the game of mask, we neglect our presence. To release the desires of the mask is to encounter one's fears. The desire to move through or undo fear is the opening to the living information that our greater consciousness holds in trust for our willingness to listen.

Our will , each and all, is sovereign, but a disconnected imposter is given all the attention. A coercive will is a dishonesty. If one plays the game, one suffers by the very mentality one asserts. What is our 'will' when it is truly free to know and be known? It is freedom from coercion - but more than that it is freedom to create and appreciate joy.

"Go forth and multiply" profits the original investment. In fear of loss, a masked light multiplies shadows in which fear grows - and 'goes viral'.

To activate conscious presence and be guided and supported within it rather that to effect leverage as if one is outside it, is to accept what is already given, but see it with new or fresh appreciation - without the dark glasses.

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