Thursday, 13 February 2014

Systems failure awakens responsibility

At the Daily Bell, there are articles and conversations that challenge many aspects of the apparently dominant economic and political orthodoxy.

As always, I feel it impossible to constructively comment within the frameworks that are accepted 'reality', yet the convergence of the global changes occurring with a rewakening Consciousness is my appreciation, and so I an commenting a witness to such perspective into the attention there.

The attempts to control, answer or indeed manage the world, are part of the problem. What is called for is a re-wakening Consciousness - as the basis from which to live. What I am calling 'Consciousness responsibility'.

• If one merely uses the counters on the board provided, one lives as if within the confines of a reality agreement whose taxes culminate in death - while living a kind of death that doesn't actually recognize and appreciate the Life that is, and moves and breathes and knows all that you are. For such divisive mentality merely exploits life to get or maintain a 'self' that loves not - though it's maker loves it because it made it. Thoughts do not leave the mind that think them, in this sense all that you accept as yours are like your children. Cuckold thoughts appear to hack one's mind and redefine it. It then becomes impossible to communicate the original nature. Fear defines its maker falsely, yet your original nature remains unchanged and can recognize and throw off the false association - as you give it welcome.

Then the living perspective guides and supports the relationship instead of attempting to coerce life into conceptual frameworks that express personal agenda. Self-righteousness always hides in personal agenda, as the mask for a sense of lacking validity.

Tinkering on the surface or even revolutionizing the surface are both ways to avoid the depth. This is the default of the mentality that seeks to deny and protect from self-invalidation, and so seeks for it 'outside'. The true nature of the depth or wholeness of our consciousness is not invalidation of self but the non-existence of self-concept as real - or any more real than any idea. This feels humiliating until accepting a living relatiuonship instead of protecting a lie.

Confusion with self-concept defends against the wholeness in order to 'survive' in the terms of its own definition. When one is undefended to the movement of one's being - which is entirely un-coercive - being one with You - the expression in thought, perception and action is harmonious to the reintegration of Consciousness, and is likewise uncoercive. Such instances might be labelled insight, answer, inspiration or being in the zone. They tend to be absorbed or subverted as soon as possible by the framework of control.
This is to say that real wealth is shared/lived that is disguised within the complex of the control mentality. One is never really in the driving seat - but is given the experience because one asks for it.

Economics is regarded as if money = wealth and therefore power. Admittedly some inclusion of the immeasurable is sometimes allowed. But true wealth, like true health, is not quantifiable or defined by external conditions. It is the abundant capacity to give, and receive in like kind.

Science also has become the investigation of life as technology, for somewhere along the line, all that cannot be empirically verified is simply disregarded and put to one side while all the focus brought to bear on the lowest common denominators of gross physical manifestation.
Religion has roots in the wisdom of discerning the Real from its reflection in experience. When image and symbol and concept of self is 'taken' as one's identity, it becomes a persona or mask-play through which to join with others in a currency of apparently separate powers rather than as a direct extension of creative expression.

The idea of the devil or deceiver is that of a false currency of thought that uses the forms of expression to mean something different to their original context, and so is the 'worship' of both form and power - as if form actually has the meanings asserted and as if to actually be a power in one's own right. This mentality runs like a virus within the mind - or perhaps another metaphor is that to engage it is like putting on a virtual reality helmet. The instant one is immersed in a fragmented and conflicted meaning or self, it works as a sort of kaleidoscopic lens.

The loop is one in which a coercive act, brings about an experience of conflicted self at one's core in which the reaction FROM that point identifies one with chaos - and thus the attempt to put Humpty together again. All the King's horses and men - ceaselessly work at the impossible and yet the very fact that the idea of a harmony or ordered self exists reveals a memory-connection to Consciousness

• The certainties that people act out from tend to be self-reinforcing. History is thus self- reinforcing because to truly challenge our self-certainties feel like losing our freedom to be a private agenda unto our own right.
The use of the term 'we' is often a story-cover for an inner predicament that is perhaps less easy to talk straight.

Whether one does something or desists from action is not itself the communication. The communication is the energetic behind the act - for act we must and do - in one way or another. The only real choice is where to act from, in terms of perspective.

Mental understandings may also carry some sense of wisdom - but tend to be fixed templates. Therefore to have a perspective upon mentality itself is a higher or more inclusive perspective from which to act.

Those who are most adept at manipulating others are very clued in to how mentality works - but they only know of exploiting it. For example they know the fearful mind will respond in fight or flight and will not tend to communicate. However, if fear becomes too exposed, it works against their interests - because it becomes a basis to question the playing field altogether.

The mind in fear and guilt fights shadows of itself unrecognized and is not naturally inclined to cooperation or teamwork apart from the immediate incentives of a common enemy.
They need you. Because without an enemy, their shadows come home and their structures disintegrate.
And perhaps you need them, because without them, how could you justify death as if it were an answer?

A slave is define ultimately in their relationship with their Spirit. If fear and guilt and hatred possess you, you are already a slave. Why do we employ them? Because we believe they give us power and make us free.

The mentality of the individual as expressed in our culture is no less a mythic entity than any fabled creature. It isn't only the sovereignty of nations that is rendered nothing in these global times, but the wishful sovereignty of our ego. Yet Something IS going On that includes our fears and shadows coming home to roost - though we like to see them 'out there' so as to reject.

Revolution is simply one of the tools that powermongers use to depreciate the heath and so take over within the 'new' host. Without hate, fear, guilt and shame - what power would they have?
Therefore whatever you do or don't do - see if you cant decrease your investments in that which undermines your joy in life - which will appreciate as you appreciate.

Life is a flux - but there are qualities of Consciousness that can be uncovered that are beneath or beyond the ever changing cycles of change. The surface mentality does not want you to look there so it uses everything in your mind and your life to keep you focussed out there. It is acting on your orders - but those orders were long long ago and the fearful consciousness perpetuates its deceptive evasion such as to paint itself into a corner.

No hiding place. Death, insanity, unconsciousness all sound like a very wilful lack of curiosity to me.
For all the negative aspects of global change, I don't believe anyone is in control - yet I do know there is a different kind of control which acts as a movement within wholeness rather than upon it.

Disregard is the appropriate gift to the bait designed to elicit reaction - and the opportunity to witness to something true is afforded the false witness.
When the US advanced in WW2, some natives leapt to their deaths because they believed the propaganda that the Japanese had instilled in them. Whatever fear tells us is not a reliable witness, so we need to say yes ok I hear that and now I am going to listen and look with a greater honesty of being.

For sure I am not relevant to conventional politics. But I also say we are at the end-times for what we thought of as politics. The politics of sanity are of a capacity to yield a coercive will - especially when intensely baited - and calm to a receptivity that accesses a wisdom that we do not humanly manufacture. It doesn't make manifestos and ideology so much as uncover a Good step to take from a connected place.

The attempt to control life through subtle coercion comes back at us as does the attempt to use brute force - but of course in subtle ways. The mind can be extraordinarily ingenious in redistributing energy - as every financier knows.

But it can be freed from such private agendas to its true creative potential - as a node or portal of presence in which the whole shifts as one - regardless of any past experience.

To be painted into a corner and yet embrace rather than defend, opens a dimension otherwise sealed from sight.
Perhaps the way one dies is no more important than the way one lives... to anyone else. We all have a capacity to share life despite perhaps hating the heartbreak and humiliation of a broken dream. But it remains our freedom as to what we invest our heart in, and this is what we grow and share - as our authentic presence.
Better to align with our true Life than be a slave. Lots of people wait until their deathbed to release things that do not after all really matter. Without the real need, old choices persist. I suggest that we are moving in times that uncover a deep need for Sanity. Capital s Sanity. What can one trust? If we cannot be honest unto our self, no-one and nothing.
I discovered that hypocrite derived from the Greek term for 'actor' today.
It isn't only markets that are due for a period of adjustment!

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