Monday, 11 November 2013

Rape, rage and protection

Reading comments on a page about anti rape underwear prompted these thoughts.

Coercion, fear, manipulation, loss, guilt, hatred,vengeance, bitterness, isolation, powerlessness, dependency.

These bedfellows belong together, and appear in all kinds of experience.
War on terror in any guise is bankrolled by vengeance and fearful self protection.
Where there is a demand there is a market opportunity to serve a perceived need - but it can reinforce the perception. Some marketeers have been known to cultivate demand - as a study of marketing and PR would reveal, but a compassionate society would hold a proportionate sense of what serves health and healing and what works against it.

Sexualisation is objectifying, but a body is not an object or plaything to be taken out of living context, but is a communication of intimate presence and worthy of honour.
What the mind of humanity can interpose upon our true nature is limited by social mores and laws - but the real law is to uncover our true nature. Sometimes we uncover such hatred, fear and shame in our own mind as a result of events that violate our sense of reality - that they move us to uncover our Integrity at a much deeper level.

There is no real justification for loveless use of another, but there is a real basis for honouring love's presence as the correction of such insanity.
A loveless society normalizes its manipulative gratifications in all sorts of areas of fantasy. The line between fantasy and reality is frequently blurred in media manipulations. The propagation of a negative self definition feeds the dependency on unreal associations. The orientation to and depiction of the feminine in society is a mark of its consciousness of self worth - in my opinion.

I personally do not appeal to guilt to manipulate my consciousness nor that of others. I feel that guilt is the engine of all lovelessness. Self-honesty and self love are deep treasures that no one, NO ONE can take away. I believe that most all of us carry unconscious negative core beliefs that 'sabotage' our lives and that we are all much more interconnected than we consciously realize.

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