Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Consciousness is what is changing - hence EVERYTHING is changing

An article: Typhoon Haiyan: there is worse to come - led into the idea of Climate change.

Now I cannot say I know whether Climate change is significantly influenced by human behaviour. Nor do I know if the weather is influenced by mass consciousness - for the relationship between Consciousness and Experience has not really been allowed into anything except quantum physics yet, though Seth and many others point to a deeper Cosmology than materialism. Nor can I say I know much about HAARP (look it up) and its effects on weather - whether intended or unintended. It's all secret. Secrets and lies.

What I do know is that human consciousness has a manipulative aspect upon itself such as to seek to attempt to control any aspect of Life it can get a handle on - including perceptions or minds of others - and is riddled with deep guilt for exactly that reason - as the religious archetype shows, and which resurfaces in a climate change guilt-driven agenda.
How to know where to get information from when science is so heavily distorted by its marriage with corporatocracy - the new church and state. The dog that fetches the wrong stick is made into dogmeat! Survival of the fitting in?

I feel to discern the coercive intent - or lack thereof - as a guide to the underlying intent. Truths can be used to deceive after all, and fictions can be used to reveal the truth. Truth is in the heart and mind as one and is uncoercive upon you.

Science without a heart is like a mechanical heartless mind. It can execute 'logical' programs without any actual connection to anyone or anything - including those who at the top of the pyramid, who are abused and hollowed out by such mentality amidst seductions of power. Is it not so, after the 'rush' wears off?

In my heart, I feel that Consciousness is what is changing - hence EVERYTHING is changing. We each choose to unify our consciousness or to be fitted to a machine. But we cannot BE a machine because choice is our most fundamental nature as consciousness of existence.

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