Sunday, 3 November 2013

"I cant believe it's not toxic!" The industrial porcessing of humanity for consumption.

A Telegraph article on the true nature of butter relative to margerine
'Have the butter every time,' says cardiologist. Should I ditch my statins?  

Perhaps... an awakening to the kind of consciousness that perverts all things to its own manipulative agendas, is at hand?

That which has a vested interest in your destabilised, fearful and divided dependence on what it then provides. (Bad cop/good cop).

The term 'myth' is devalued by being used as a substitute for lie, falsehood or error.

But the understanding of the power of myth and symbol in our consciousness is highly developed in those who seek to manipulate perceptions, identities and achieve undue influence thereby. Propaganda is war and PR is it's peacetime epithet. A state of war has been waged within consciousness by the subverting of scientific discoveries to the financial and corporate power structures of our day. But unlike the religious manipulations of the past who coerced populations that they would be free IF they obeyed - in some future state of being, the modern sophistication delivers the belief you are free while choosing to conform to a state of serfdom or slavery. Mindcontrol is the result of understandings of the way human consciousness works, in the hands and intent of the few.

But to be fair I also note that the 'consumer' (so defined and so acting out), DEMANDS unconsciousness, by neglecting and giving away power, to those agencies or corporations that it elects (by its actions) to manage and supply it so as to leave it free to explore and express its 'identity' within the safety net of a reality in which its own consciousness is NOT implicated and therefore all the evils and threats to wellbeing can be painted OUT THERE. Yet this is only a smokescreen for what is feared to be true and which advertising and media examples reinforce relentlessly to those who suck it in.

Unless we get our house in order, it is open to thieves in the night and guests who outstay their welcome and who have no kind intent beneath a veil of 'helping'.

The botnet in digital terms, reflects the infiltration and control of remote servers and computers. The same applies in terms of society. It has been going on as long as manipulators could find the technology to effect it - but technology has advanced way faster than any honest openly shared conscious accounting for its use.

When a scam is uncovered - damage limitation works asap to obfuscate and redirect attention. The true scale of the scam against populations is fearfully mind-buckling and THAT is why there is such a deep urge to UNCONSCIOUSNESS! But that only plays into fear and doesn't allow a shift in perspective in which clear steps of practical self-value make a significant difference.
Without a true and clear self valuing - nothing meaningful can be achieved. But the defensive and segregating attempt to manipulate ones own consciousness is not and cannot be a true foundation - and so it must disintegrate when one no longer has the capacity to prop it up.
But that is Good News - even if not recognized yet.

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