Sunday, 3 November 2013

Is the Mummy keeping mum? - or waiting the conditions of maturity and readiness to grow?

An article on 'Egyptian secrets' and the 'curse of Tutankhamun'. 
(I didn't explore the article itself so much as feel a relevance to the issues around the revealing of perspectives that do not fit or support current 'reality' - that also show themselves in any apparent conflict between an emergent discovering and an existing investment in maintaining the status quo).

One possible basis for the 'curse' is simply that information is not ABLE to be uncovered in a Consciousness that refuses to accept it. That is - the Underlying overall conciousness will not permit the disclosure of that which would undermine its currently active identifications of focus.

Exactly how 'information' becomes (and remains) hidden and how that status is maintained, can be readily observed in the actions of any example of human consciousness. One's self.

'Psychological defence mechanisms' are considered valid mapping tools for the 'doctor' to apply to the 'patient' but the fact is 'we are all in this together' whatever roles we play in the larger script. It's complexity is beyond unravelling from within the locally defined consciousness, because that is a part of the complexity and not 'outside' as an observer.

'Trailblazers' may be that which holds open the door to reveal a greater perspective and conservators are that which seeks to protect and maintain the status quo - as points of identity and perspective within it.

Yet both aspects work out from the same 'Mind', and most are an alloy of the two - in which certain aspects of each work against each other and cancel out.

To the conservator, 'seeing is believing' provides defacto defence and stability, but it refuses to see what threatens existing beliefs. To the revealer, believing opens seeing, because it refuses to believe the closed consciousness or limiting filters and distortions of a closed system. It therefore opens perspectives 'outside the box' of current thinking. The apparent conflict of these movements is itself an aspect of maintaining the dynamic for the purpose intended.

As such purpose is fulfilled or ripens, there is a shift that inaugurates a reintegration or awakening of the mind in the heart and the heart in the mind. Such a shift unfolds in place of a 'divide and rule' obfuscating mentality - and does so through the exposure of such a mentality as a false basis from which to live - and a wholly impractical and undesirable one - when honestly acknowledged.

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