Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Cosmic Perspectives

Commentary into Independent article:
It all started with a bang, but the universe may not be expanding after all


Consider eternity as a timeless now, the idea of time and space are part of a consciousness construct within it. Not the fleeting now between a past and future but an edgeless awareness that seems to be contained or encapsulated within a virtual consciousness. Not a new idea - but an idea in which all things are ever new.
Is this not similar to at the notion of a field of infinite probabilities that is dimensionless (and thus pervades and includes all apparent dimensions) that collapses to an instant of perceived event.
The thing about new perspectives is that they tend to at first be fitted into the frame of the old. Like cinema at first emulated theatre.
Idea is like projectionist film in Universal Mind - and focus can shift within and among Idea so as to set intent.
Within our consciousness as currently experienced is a linear process of evolving ideas that tends to be selected to maintain a continuity of 'self'.
Because of the current denial and displacement of Mind/Consciousness the term is associated with the weakest frailest fragment of self-awareness. Almost as if it were designed to hide from its True Nature in a body as a temporary life in a world of dead stuff that is somehow exactly aligned to support it yet otherwise overwhelmingly hostile and inevitably fatal.
If we brought the scientific analysis to bear on the so called separate self - as we did with the notion of a separate external controlling God, perhaps the utter selflessness of the Living Universe might open the door to the self as a focal node of Universal Consciousness - a bit like an eddy in a river; a vortex of experience within a greater relation of vortices.
But as it stands the lack of vision or direction arising from scientism as practiced so far has hung back in victorian mechanical mindsets - although anything serving the weaponization of all things for the purpose of control is racing on ahead of any checks and balances.
Without new perspective to take up our bed and walk out from a dead stuff/mindless energy universe we well self destruct... or perhaps wish we had. Never dismiss imagination of integrity and serendipity to a willingness to notice for these are ways that information comes in that is otherwise filtered out which prepares a seedbed for uncovering the next step.
Theories that turn out to have profit or power applications are one aspect - but where is the truth that inspires, unifies, encourages, and heals?
Science is not a guide for living. Nor need it undermine the guidance for living that does fulfil the list above. It needs the dimension of participance and transformation and not the dissection of the dead by the dead!


Consider God as Singularity - a dimensionless Always. A nothing of which everything Is and by which everything is. Not an absence of thing but an I that cannot ever be object to Itself as so never a thing - yet all things are it as it 'be's all that is.

The indivisibility or individuality of God is the image of all individuality - not in form but in essential qualities - and all things are not things excepting to a consciousness that has thinged itself (embraced a process of limitation in dimensionality). They are all wholenesses of purpose in larger relations such that an integrity or integrated balance of all idea in expression remains and reflects and expresses a Singularity or Unified Purpose.

As in all Creation there is an economy of means serving an infinite expression with each expressing unique and complementary qualities to an ever unfolding wholeness.

The unified perspective is what we have lost or forgotten or indeed disregarded in our particular process of unfoldment - but it hasn't gone anywhere, we have. Or rather our focus of attention and identity has. The distortion of the channel of communication has given rise to the notion of free will as a self creating right - which is the idea of individuality preying on Source and on relations rather than extending and sharing identity through relations. This is the reflection also that insinuates our interpretations of everything. Only be choosing to release the distortion does the natural or original pattern restore true and unified consciousness.

Let free will be the freedom to be and to share all that you are rather than to become and prove a something in your own right. Listen at the level of intuition for I am not saying give all your things away - but allow the natural extension of the qualities and gifts that are yours to share and grow by sharing. Misery is miserly. Getting is a predatory intent that loses the value of relation for an evaporation. Everything is part of a giving and receiving that truly is One Thing going on, experienced in infinite variety. Always Now Always new. Open your mind from fear's dictate. Learn to trust and grow your deepest truth sense and don't give it to anything outside you but honour that which serves its awakening with gratitude. With honesty, honour and gratitude, the mind will not go crazy even if it has to go through fundamental reality shifts.

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