Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Attention disorder!

The use of prescription drugs designed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder sufferers has soared by more than 50 per cent in six years, new figures have shown.

The Corporate Pharmacy 'Industry' aka 'Big Pharma' wants to manage life manually in every way it can open a market in. The spiritually passive 'consumer' wants to have their life managed in whatever ways enable them to avoid real relationship and responsibility. It's not being done to us - we do it to ourselves. A false kind of scientism is used exactly the way a false religious sense was used - to manipulate and control - but it isn't really 'out there' in 'evil' people wielding power - it is a kind of thinking that we share as currency finding expression through the structures and technology that our thinking creates.

To be insane is to be deluded or dislocated from reality. This is the result of our thinking. When enough people get stuck in the same place they call it reality.

Manipulators know the power of thought and perception and if one looks within - one sees that our mind is expert.

Science looks out - even in studying mind it looks out. Looking out in such a dictate insinuates a separateness that is withheld or kept secret. This sense of self-apart is an experience of an insane world. Adapting to a loveless insane world shares it and sacrifices our Soul - our living feeling being - to it. Surviving such a world is an intolerable strain. Its breaking down is a sign of true health. We are not meant to live in secret isolated unconsciousness - buried beneath a managed existence.

When Life's messengers are denied, they escalate to get attention until they cannot be ignored! Piling up problems by burying them in complex hiding places makes for a global breakdown. But this is still the Message trying to gain your attention. Breakthrough is the dawning in our mind of what was always in it but had been denied.

Be healed in the wholeness of your being - your attention IS love and naturally follows the discernment of your recognition of true Good. Question the basis from which you live out from - because what we call our thinking is not as free or true or reliable as we are apt to believe.

It isn't that THEY are manipulating us - but that we invite and open ourselves to it without realising and they let us because it is socially acceptable to live lovelessly and expect scientific support to prop it up!

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