Monday, 12 August 2013

Beyond the box

I've just 'bumped' into this blog and skimmed and read a little here and there.
The forgetting is a tool-portal. In choosing ignorance of All That Is - is a 'private creation' enacted, through mutual definition, maintained and predicated on divide and rule. The mind of definition, judgement and rejection. This 'control mentality' is essentially a distraction device in which judgement can gratify itself upon the Living that it rejects or refuses to recognize or accept - or else it would be rendered functionless, obsolete, nothing. Insofar as we use and are thus used by meaningless thoughts presented so to seem true, so as to adulterate and usurp reality with a personal bias or distortion, or perception. In this we have the experience of power struggle and choosing between, the drama and the challenge and the excitement and of course misery of 'I WANT IT THUS!'. But whence the 'I' but from an act of self definition taken to be real and thus experienced over and against the Field of Awareness Itself in which and of which nothing but Is? And whence the 'other' but that which is essentially out from the sense of control that is now walled off from all that would seem to take back what has been taken?
And is the 'you' of relationship a means to get from? A potential ally in mutual reinforcement and a suspect who has a mind like mine that would steal life to keep it?

My basic input is that to truly look at this 'self' and see it without wiggle room, rebranding, further judgement from redistributed juggled points of view within the box or remaining capacity to make drama out of it... Is its nothingness.
Without an act or a thought it is replaced out of time by a true foundation - such that I'd have to say it is already replaced but one has to look within to accept - even though EVERYTHING that is taken to be one's self is dedicated to preventing and defending against exposure of the nothing. It will seem to sacrifice itself in all sorts of exposure as evil, or victim to evil, but its nothingness is 'divinely' protected.

Though some stick their vision out from the box and gather glimpses, they will gather and interpret through the mind of the box until the foundation has awakened to sharing true purpose. To a unified appreciation that does not project itself out in dream of conquest nor in seemingly unconscious denial and displacement of hateful intent. The mind but extends to share. "Know Thyself' is love's revelation amidst the Movement of awareness/event we might call Creation; Existence, Being.
The apparent overlay of a virtual self - likewise knows itself in all. But the self that seemingly separates and receives its own attack as if from 'Other' is a self born in terror.

How does one calm down someone in an insane dream so as to get them to recognize they are but hurting themselves by their choices and beliefs and definitions? One step at a time.
Where is this lost one who seeks vengeance and retribution for its grievance or a show of power to cover its nothingness - it is an echo in our collective mind and so it is in my mind when I recognize it in another. The what of a response needs to be a present discernment or else the past re-enacts by reaction. It is myself that is offered freedom, and if I accept it, then of itself is peace extending where before was judgement, hate and demand. The ones involved may choose not to accept or to only partially accept as their willingness allows - but the gift is given and received in the mind as one and the fit of the mask will be tighter and less able to function as a mask for those who are yet identified in the mask as their self.

It is not for me to demand of another that they choose as I say - nor to manipulate or coerce them. As long as I define anything or anyone outside and apart from All That Is I will be part of their prison and share it with them. For what we give, we immediately receive. It is only trick of the mind that seems to 'get away with it' and have someone else lose.
 Of course one can only imprison or hurt one who chooses to imprison or hurt themselves.
But our definition agreements go deep in our consciousness/reality such that we all chose to hurt and imprison ourselves in choosing the forgetting - and taking it in earnest.
I have arrived at my beginning!
But with new eyes.
The world becomes a different purpose to that which is not locked down in its drama. A place of miracle and awakening and healing the mind from which all else proceeds.
Where we focus our attention is our freedom, what we magnify thereby is our valuing. What we call forth is fruit to our seed. What we gather we share in one mind or suffer as if alone and apart. This choice is only a choice while darkness and confusion obscure its true nature. In the light it cannot be a choice because it cannot be chosen. One cannot actually separate and be an independent power over anything.

Fear can cut off the channel of communication yet communication will guide and support through fear. Fear itself cannot make a foundation or motivation that persists or abides.
The foundation is not a thought construct or definition or device of consciousness.
It cannot truly be defiled, lost or edited but by lies that CAN be corrected - because they are not true.

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