Monday, 12 August 2013

A time of fundamental change is unavoidably Now

In nature metamorphosis grows a new organic being inside or alongside the old one. The organs that served the old becoming redundant. The old is cast off.
Human metamorphosis is the development and evolution of ideas. Everything in human world is a reflection or extension of human idea as to what we are, what life is and what it is for.

To cut to the quick, a mentality of 'getting private gratifications', always operates in secrecy of fear, guilt and control.  This can be rapaciously or collectively implemented in social agreements but is effectively blind to the life upon which it depends and to life's innate qualities of self, other and world - though it will deal in concepts or symbols of life. This idea of man as manipulator-definer of life has exploited, negated and undermined the organic relations that grew in the traditional models, in which integrity and trust were qualities to be brought forth in a process of demonstration of good faith and communication, rather than merely being applicable to data.

The wheat and the chaff have grown alongside each other and now is a time of harvest, which is not a judgement upon persons but an awakening acceptance. Awareness and acceptance of Now cannot be deferred indefinitely because pain of dissonance has limited tolerance. Ingenuity of mind can redistribute energy and attention so as to redefine reality and 'buy time' but an increasing complexity becomes also increasingly taxing and unworkable. Powerlessness, confusion, lack of vision or direction amidst ideas that no longer hold meaning.

We suffer now a kind of social and political tyranny that almost no one can see or articulate and yet its symptoms are clearly evident. Although there will be those others who symbolise the evil or error, the mentality that expresses as a fearful and controlling elite is supported by and reflecting of the prevalent modus of self-governance; as a hidden separative intent that seeks its own above all else but artfully masks so as to seem socially acceptable or personally justified.

Its thinking is a distortion of life that uses fear and guilt to manipulate conformity to dictated agendas of control in gesture of apparent protection. It uses all things and relationships to serve its self which identifies over and against others. It will mimic 'love' in order to get and is a parasite that offers a particular symbiotic opportunity because it depletes life of true wealth, joy, freedom and communion, and then itself breaks down as a structure of meaningful or believable allegiance. So it discards its host to a desecration in which conflict, guilt and unworthiness call on war and death to escape and blot out such conflicted mentality.

This is the condition in which an awakening occurs from a new foundation; as the mind that seeds judgement and division is put aside rather than activated. Without a new foundation is only the  surface shifting of props in a game of the redistribution of guilt and leverage. Truly new ideas are not re-branding of manipulative intent that plays on shallow hope but truly express a fresh perspective. The lies stories and vanities by which we seem to live - as a structure of 'exercising control over' are covering truth.

Truth is not determined or defined so much as accepted and shared. Of course this calls for the release of the will to coerce and control our life and the lives of others and obliges trust and communication to be brought into play as an expression of shared integrity. This unpalatable truth to the perspective within a dream of power over life elicits the refusal to love. But when this fear of love is recognised as so, there is opportunity to see and evaluate from a new perspective. One that works within life rather than separating out and asserting coercion upon it.

Political and social structures will emerge from the honouring of a true foundation. The heart of discernment will be an expression of unpretentious honesty. Manipulative ploys will be met with honest reflection and enquiry rather than self righteous blame. Fear and shame is not to be scapegoated, but released to be undone by not energising with reaction. To feel what we feel but  pause and listen for the movement of being - for a wholeness or nowness of being. Letting go the urge to justify self by loving' to hate. Let go of self-righteousness. This is how healing is accepted and foundation restored.

But nothing begins until such new foundation is accepted in place of a false one... within our self. Hence the false is uncovered to light to be released or recommitted to in desire to persist in the play of power struggle. We may explore ideas as experience, but we cannot choose what we are not, and make it true. Working with life works. Nothing else can really work and costs more than we realise in order to seem to work. 'With life' means truly listening rather than presuming to know. But we can presume to uncover the truth of any situation if we extend trust and willingness instead of self asserting positions of defence.

To be without mask is to be in conscious discernment in awakened responsibility for thought and perception. The mask is reaction in a game of war but the first casualty is the covering over and separation of oneself from the simple qualities of love; honour, acknowledgement, recognition, welcome, communion and gratitude.

Nothing else will heal the schisms or inner conflicts that the world fleshes out as if to solve 'out there'. A Copernican awakening awaits us. Nothing is as it seemed to that which thought to separate. When the ideas that formed our image of our self and universe open to their true source and movement, they unfold a unified expression of integral inclusion. This is both felt and known as the qualities and nature of relationship itself. Thinking as we practised it in self-differentiating limitation is no longer needed to identify a 'stranger in a stranger world' and so is free to creatively express inspiration of that which enlivens and shares.

If the reader is only defensively filtering through their thinking, none of this can make no sense, because the defence is to protect the foundation from exposure. Ripeness is a condition in which a process is ready to spontaneously occur. One can cooperate with life or fight it all the way. This is a surface freedom but what really is that choice? The freedom to be and share in what you truly are - in what is truly moving and being all that you are, is profound and inexhaustible. While we deny Source, we fear and deny it 'unconscious' in hopeful virtual dream that turns to nightmare.

But in aligning truly in trust and honesty, we see clearly there is nothing to fear but the drifting of thought unattended. For a mind at war with itself must fear. Even as a child will learn to walk, or talk, humankind will learn to think as individuality within wholeness - as a conscious receptivity and channel of trust to a cooperative intent. As long as one looks outside for this as if others must be in place BEFORE risking into an honesty of being, then the perception of lovelessness will justify waiting. Only commitment opens the vision that the fence-sitter deprives themselves of. We all know that freedom is found within commitment and wasted in prevarication but are simply afraid or pseudo committed to a cover story.

The issue is this; how do we truly and deeply trust ourselves in the light of that we actually know we are liable to self-illusion as a self - justifying attempt to balance a sense of invalidity or dis-allowance? We start with noticing that we tell stories that are not true and being willing to notice what moves us to do so - and so uncover our personal or cultural fears or shames or sense of desire that we don't feel worthy or entitled to. It's all there in all kinds of configurations and it is simply an adaptation that doesn't work any more and so with fresh eyes of a cooperative willingness, of a desire to honour and uncover integrity, we listen and feel and open imaginatively and creatively to new ways that do express integrity and also share it.

This is 'cultural renewal' because it connects directly with a felt sense of life rather than recycling old templates of ritual behaviours. That one gets pulled or taken over and over again by an old habit doesn't mean that it is not an old habit, but that its momentum requires a persistence of self worth over time to displace. And there is the key, because without a foundation in which one's worth and the worth of others is maintained in awareness, one simply cannot effect any real change in one's own or one's local or global relations.

These are not good ideas to identify or associate with, but illuminate a brink from which the only way forward is to yield to one's being. To come home from pain in struggle alone. For we suffer but our own rejection, and so can release it to a greater embrace. As we think in our heart so are we experiencing. Look now and let it be good news to be wrong about ourselves and so be free of its burden.

'Watch and pray' is not a hopeful intent, but an abiding in a willingness of noticing and listening - as the natural expression of being alive. Life is already 'nigh'. We simply have to re-learn to let life in, so as to realise it was always here. Re-learning what was once natural because we wanted and learned to exclude it in an act of self-differentiation. An act of identifying thought and focus in which we lost perspective and connection. But life never left us or we would not be. The impossibility of separation is the end of guilt and the rising of a light the world forgot or thought lost or but a dream.

While we want it true, our world made in separation will not be taken away - but is transformed to a world in which healing, awakening and forgiveness replace and undo hurt, grievance and vengeance. So that life is released to be itself in full and free expression. Life more abundant! The purpose that we hold gives all meaning to whatever seems to arise as our experience. We are not powerless, but loved and trusted in our unfolding experience that shares far more than a little mind could compass.

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