Friday, 1 March 2013

Reflections on an expanding consciousness

NASA discovers a new radiation belt around the Earth

Because science looks 'outside' in a way that cuts off what then seems inside, it tries to reverse-engineer Life, The Universe and Everything, from the fragments of a Humpty Dumpty that wont go back together again.
Yet of course we are seeing a reflection of an extended range of perception and have all sorts of stirrings as a result.

I find it heartwarming to consider that what we take as our understanding - (which tends to a mechanical universe mechanically justifying mechanical processes - with a nod to the evolutionary marvel of human intelligence which is going to get to the bottom of it all - isn't it!) - what we take to be true - is only a partial perspective - and that new information comes up that has the potential to shift everything from what was thought to be a foundation.

Now I don't know when or how - or if - it will be scientifically uncovered - but there is something in the nature of awareness that interfaces with a movement that can never be defined or measured. It cant even be called a 'something' because awareness itself is its nature and expression - not merely as local Universe but of Individuality infinitely expressed. The Word gives Definition - that is - awareness knows itself through the object of its thought. However, when a mind elects to know itself AS its own thought rather than as the Process of recognition itself, behold! I make all things in my own image!
To cut a long story short, the collapse from the awareness of being - becomes a 'Big Bang' experience in self-limitation such that everything outside an immediate sense of identified control is withdrawn from and differentiated as other or 'not self' and the tiny mind amidst unconsciousness - which is 'born' of an unconsciousness of its true source-nature - becomes the 'discoverer' and 'explorer' of a reality of chaotic and frightening aspect. This is at times very thrilling, high stimulus, challenging and sensual - quite addictive in fact. But only as a grasping at a substitute for the sense of being that has been lost.

But is a way of using action and reaction to get a virtual sense of self from that blots out the subtler and unifying awareness of integrally being.
The virtual self experience is defended against what would undermine it and is generally focused on the gross aspects of a polarized experience - and yet this is a kind of unconsciousness and the subtler aspects invoke and connect with a wholeness of being that cannot be accounted for within the vocabulary of the gross tangibles - and so stories to convey the feeling came into being as carriers of a deeper knowing - that are not meant to be more than the envelope for the message.

The mind that equates itself with a meat brain is one that has not looked within - not within its own thinking - but within this moment of awareness to the source nature and condition that is modified as our perception experience - yet has not actually become anything else. The dream in which we are separated consciousnesses is by desire made unconscious. But as science is un-covering, we are not what we think we are - much less who. Right in the place where we thought we knew, a shift occurs that renders our foundations faulty. Not because something real moved - but because something unreal was uncovered to awareness.

The pervading fields that are at the edge of our visibility have particulate effects.
But rather than try to get ever more subtle leverages upon the material, energetic and biological world, why not open to the oneness of the particle and the wave. You are an expression of Being - both the Is that pervades all and the exact moment of being just this event. They are not two - and nor can what has been divided be put back together - because its indivisibility is already true. Man wants to recreate life and make and order it to his own control - but isn't that a really Big Clue! What kind of science comes out from a sense of awakened wonder? Good science - and I don't just mean good data - I mean work that truly serves an awakening humanity and not the prostitution of the mind for the indulgence of superficial and self destructive appetites. Go for it - it's alive! It Feels deeply inspiring. Yes good science also needs trustworthy data. But trust isn't just a method applied - its a discernment in a relational field. You cant cut out the living part and expect it to be real unless your goal is to be really dead!

This writing extends and magnifies a relational field -  it is tangible and yet only knowable by its effects. The defended mind keeps out that for which it cannot yet integrate - but it is being transformed from within by its own alignments with Life - such as to be resonant with qualities that before were not consciously available. Hence, inspiration, insight, recognition, discernment, convergence or coincidence of that which brings forth the next step, Self realisation (selfless and timeless awareness), Integrated Consciousness - that allows all aspects of a situation within itself and remains able to wash dishes, solve equations or whatever is called forth as one natural relational expression.

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