Sunday, 3 March 2013

War, Justice, democracy, deception and Life

The underlying principle in the idea of democracy that is worth standing for by living it - is that of engaging communication AS communication - and not as manipulation.
To be governed by twitter would hardly be to yield our allegiance to the wisdom and discernment that rises as a unified perspective from a willingness of truly listening and speaking into a trust of being heard.

Private interests, put before the true interests that include our own, disrupt communication and seek to manipulate. Not only others - but firstly ourselves. We come up with narratives or stories to justify our agenda - and keep it secret, even from ourselves.

"Oh everyone is in it for themselves - its Darwins's divinely revealed law in our genes!" SEE this as simply a narrative of a separate self interest.

Now the fear of loss - and the fear of being exposed as un-valid, heartless, selfish or hateful - is not a thing to be brushed aside in self righteous immunity, for its is much more deeply embedded into our consciousness than most everyone can admit, because it has become a basis of our thinking and our identity.

Regardless that there are those who seek to use psychological insight to more subtly manipulate the minds of others, they can only reinforce a pattern that we ourselves host and promote - and all of their intent is directed to maintain a state of fear and division in the mind - by whatever means and at all costs. For the survival of an apparent capacity to exert power over another depends on it - and this same power seems to be the only defence against a world of threat and ever shifting shadow enemies that rise up against it in the same measure as it has itself set in motion.

A true state of trust and communication cannot be grown from a mind at war with itself. But the war is hidden by projecting it on the world and making what seems to be a unified mind over and AGAINST the part of our mind that we hate, deny, fear and cannot tolerate.

True justice must bring home the thoughts we hold in secret to a true awareness. The presentation of relative innocence is the maintenance of a state of universal guilt.
True innocence of being is not arrived at or determined by our thinking, but is innate to our very being - regardless of that it is covered over with the experience of a wish to give our private thoughts priority over a truth that we do not make or rebrand or own.

There is an innocence of being where our thought cannot attain or penetrate - yet IS uncoverable to a willingness to put down our self-certainties and listen - as an extension of trust. Because we are alive - and not because of anything we or anyone thinks.

The war upon the surface is a distraction device. Everyone plays the game, but becomes blind in playing it. We cannot manipulate or mechanically leverage our Good - because Life is a relationship in which it unfolds through a willingness to share it.

Not to share it so that everything is measured according to one or another set of rules - but to share in purpose what living truly is- beneath the mind of guilt and fear that robs us of our presence extended.

One simply cannot use the mentality of conflict and expect to rule it. It corrupts - in terms of blinding and hollowing out. It replaces Life with a fantasy.
One CAN awaken to an integrity of being that is capable of communicating itself through us and through the situations of our life, appropriate to the need. This is an expression from a unified self in alignment with what is true in all. It has the feeling of peace of being and depth of connection in it - that no hyped up stimulus of righteousness can bring. It is the capacity to move through fear and release investment in guilt, one step at a time. We only live one step at a time.
To take this step from an honesty of being - grows that quality in ourselves and knows itself in its fruits. Whenever we notice we have lost our way and become reactive, THAT is the call to pause from reaction and listen for the movement of our being. For it is present to be felt when our noise of war and chatter of distraction is allowed to fade. Even if for an instant.

Without the felt connection with our being we are but indulging the fantasy of a mind that seems to have gone off on its own - or been abandoned. This may serve a scientific or religious function but it is not our unified human being where heart and mind are as one and not divorced or at war.

Nothing will get the mind to lay down its own thinking - excepting you awake and bring your attention present.

We cannot expect private self interest to be other than is its job description, but we can cease to employ it. Here's to a brighter future BECAUSE more of the Presence of Life is in its unfolding! (And not waiting on conditions to change in order to be the willingness to uncover and share it).

(I wrote this into comments on the Syria Crisis - relating to Assad's interview with The Times and Hague's reaction).

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