Friday, 1 March 2013

To meet the Need of our Times

This is a comment into one of many articles on Eastleigh by election (British politics)
As I say below - I don't address that level - but while in the arena of an article about our political, social and economic society, I felt some thoughts arise and let them write.

- - -

Do our opinions constitute a process of discernment of truth? Do we put their opinion aside in order to see more clearly or simply seek support and ammunition for what we have already decided /been induced to think is  own thinking? Maybe such conditioning is already voting for something else to think for us? Democracy needs to be more than mob, but do we know how to communicate in ways that are self revealing and inspire trust instead of trial by combat?

Yet underneath it all something tends to work - enough at least to get from one thing to another - because here we are! And yet a superficial self-seeking unconsciousness piles up unpaid debts of more kinds than money. But at least we can pass on something to our children and their children. Perhaps opening such a can of worms is part of a deeper need for renewal. One cant just rebrand with a makeover and expect to stay in touch with reality - whatever that may be.

An individual who wants conflicting things and becomes fearful, can react in ways that compound confusion and induce guilt and yet more fear until something really breaks down and then they can calm down and honestly question their own thinking - all of it - even at its roots.  Without listening, isn't our mind is simply a conditioned defence mechanism  that can readily be manipulated to reaction? But is that just a front or a mask to keep the unwanted at bay?

Can such as we are, find a unified perspective within ourselves that has something to gift rather than trying to get? Or will such essentially be forced on us by having to 'adjust' to a reality that no longer supports our vanities? The big tar barrel that shuts up Messrs Tweedledee-dum is usually overwhelming force. I like to think one day it could be the true silence of not knowing - and needing to be the desire for help that uncovers what we need to know.

To meet the need of our times, we need to wake up and embody the characteristics that are missing or lacking. Trust and honesty being chief among them. Ultimately I don't care what packaging it comes in, I feel we need to relate together in a different way.
Vested interests that have power to protect their part against needed change are the last to come on board, and the mind that thinks to sit on the fence and make opinionated entertainments of life is one such.

Perhaps Tolkien was prescient in seeing the little people as the ones who would relinquish power. It cannot come from the 'top' down.
As long as we try to work out our mental health in the problems outside of us - it wont work except to keep those aspects of our mind that we hide, from being healed or wholed.

Not especially about UKIP or Eastleigh - but the Movement of change pervades all such instances - often under our noses unnoticed.

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