Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Beefing 'til I'm Hoarse!

Who is the factory farmed 'meat'?
You are!
As a metaphor for the relationship of corporate interest cultivating a consumer mentality as an expression of passively fed freedom or happiness or protection or any other attribute of Life. We are mentally becoming not only like our factory farmed animals and monocultured crops - we are becoming like the machine mind that underlies such an approach to Life.
But the key is not in the persons or corporate entities alone - but a pervasive thinking that is invisible because it is presumed true. And yet its symptoms and reflections in our world are WRIT LARGE and presenting a complexity of problem that cannot be resolved within the terms of our thinking - no matter how much blame is shifted around and how much is sacrificed in token redistributions of power.

An exploitative intent is accepted into the foundations of our thinking and has been divinely (and then scientifically) sanctioned (although neither makes religious or scientific sense). 'Getting mind' is not a true foundation for either.

To prevail upon - to prey upon - is to be preyed upon. By the very desire and attempt to force our will, we make that power real to our own mind - which as mind is not in fact outside the laws of Mind - whatever it may think it is.

But to accept and receive Life is to open to a quality of wholeness in which giving and receiving are unified - NOT separated into getting and losing - and then distributed competitively so as to pass the parcel by force or guile upon that which is called 'other' or 'not mine'.

EVERYTHING that comes from a loveless and manipulative intent undermines our peace, our commonwealth, our health, our true culture and our world. This is NOT what our ego wants to hear or allow because it fears loss of control and wants you to believe you are helpless  - or nothing - without it. (Quite the reverse is true!).

Laws of man can align with and support the law of the heart - but cannot substitute for it. One cannot use law as a lever to override free will, though it can inhibit the excess or extremities of lawless behaviour so as to maintain conditions in which the law of the heart can awaken.

If the heart is denied honour and true expression, then the spin of the mind takes us from our wholeness in exchange for 'powers'. But as is plain to see these powers render us addictively dependent, locked into their demands and indentured to the system of thinking upon which the whole thing rests!

A prodigal wasteland is the environment - both within and as reflected without - in which the memory of a Wholeness of being stirs. It is not another 'inheritance' from the yet Living, to exploit, but a restoration to Sanity.

The willingness to 'serve in my Father's House', is a symbol. You could express it in non religious terms as coming back into true relation with your being, and all relations that express that being.

The extremities of our time make ever more demand for justifying all things in terms of agreed money instead of true wealth. Midas didn't expect it to turn out quite like this!

Law comes from the heart. Discernment is not a mechanical process that can be weighted and rigged to become a system of control.

Unless one acts and communicates from an awakened responsibility as Life - then the culture of caring becomes replaced with perceptions and definitions of 'caring'.

Anyone who cared can soon see that most processed food is like the thinking that passes as thinking these days. You can huddle in the 'safety' of the herd or you can accept responsibility for your own thought and intent.

The herd may be shepherded by Divine Will - despite the appearance and effect of wolves wolves in sheep's clothing. But to a situation in which awakening is called for - and not to a meaningless machine of death with added vitamins in easy cook bags. But it isn't the thing that is 'evil' - but the unconscious intent that grows from the blind programming of 'getting'.

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Food and drink firms undermining public health policy, say scientists

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