Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Reflections on the emergence of a conflicting neural network

The complexity of the neural networks that are developing as an externalised infrastructure of mind is like to our own 'internal' consciousness.
Not the higher qualities of awareness, discernment and inspiration - but the 'mechanism' of rule-based manipulation and processing of data.

Absolute separation of one computing device or network from another is not  possible in any practical working sense. 'Walls' can be made and work to a degree, for a time. But the evolving complexity of capabilities of feature means a constant 'war' must be maintained against 'that which threatens to obstruct or undermine one's own intention'. (Amidst ever conflicting intentions).

Consciousness can lose its reference to any grounded or whole capacity to relate or respond directly, or sanely, amidst an overwhelming complexity in which false and polarized centers of identity 'fight' against integrity itself. This is called insanity because it is completely dissociative. Attempt to over control leads to 'out of control' - in a negative sense of being possessed by one's own imaginations. This crashes or conflicts in ways that paralyze.

Consciousness may then be limited to a minimal set of capacities, which can then be easily controlled - but the sense of deprivation is great and the methods of control are brutal. The'new' mind can then grow but wall out those aspects of consciousness - now associated with pain - with taboo of guilt and fear. That is - as an imposed 'control over' rather than a harmony of parts working as a whole.

The higher qualities of mind are non local - though they have local expression. When the mechanism of mind substitutes for a true intellignece, a template runs. We seem to like 'autonomy' even though it always inherently results in a prodigal wasteland.

The willingness to open or listen for the inspiration, that is a genuine response to a discerned need - rather than the persistence of the template consciousness, will result in experience that unifies and harmonizes from a wholeness of perspective. That is to say; it works.

The short term consciousness that seems to work - and that seems unarguably fact - is simply an inherited cultural investment in a previous adaption to an ignorance.

The ignorance is a result of attempting autonomy. As if the mind could run its own operating system separate and apart from Mind Itself. Of course we can play this and make it real to ourselves and each other by our thinking (as if) apart and alone. But false promise cannot deliver anything but the loss of sharing in the true.

Integrity and trust have to be engineered into our system. IF, we  want to share in the life abundant.
The playing out of personified hollowgrams in virtual reality must be separated out from the direct functionality of meeting our collective needs.

Our greatest present need is to give and receive love, because only in that are we ever truly realizing and sharing what it is that we Are. But in a fragmented consciousness we do not remember what love is - or who we are. Far from being a call to make ourselve 'spiritual' or affecting behaviours that 'handshake' love, this is a capacity to Be out from a wholeness and presence of Mind that cannot be 'done' but can be done through us. We are being breathed and we are awake to awareness without 'doing' life. When energy and attention is released from 'doing' what only complexifies and obstructs life, it is free to channel as life more abundant.

Until it is released, war and the cost of war, persist as a deceptive loop of experience that is so much less than what we are as to be both tragic and comic. Ultimately or actually, we meet our mind in its reflection.

Thank you for your attention

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