Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Save Yourself: Can The Governments Save The Market?

How refreshing to read Sense!
Discernment is of a willingness - and indeed a commitment - to feel the truth of a situation, and is one with inspiration. It may seem to be a kind of thinking - and often can occur after a process of thinking has reached its limits, but it is an intuitive quality that simply feels which way to go - or whether in fact to go at all. It can sense the nature of the roots or root intentions, without having to explore all of the branches. Trying to run without it would be like running as a template instead of as a participant in a greater relationship that is of a wholeness or presence that a template cannot 'be' or 'know'.
Unlike thinking, discernment does not yield to will or suffer to be controlled, but the personal sense is deeply and habitually invested in exactly that, and yields to compromises and makes alliances in order to gain its own advantage.
Discernment is like Manna - in that it cannot be stored and repackaged as ideas without becoming another template. It is a responsibility of remaining honestly present.
Everyone has it, but if we use a manipulative consciousness instead, then we become full of our own thought and listen only as our thought dictates, if at all.

A reevaluation of values and purpose is called for. Alarm should not inspire fear, but summon an alertness of full presence. For fear is not the guide of a present discernment but of reaction and reenactment of past ignorance.

When the 'system' that is itself an expression of our culture, that we all use, share and depend on, disintegrates or fails, is there not a call to awaken from the habits that ARE the problem - and attend to the Living?

Our political and financial situation is mirroring the fundamental structure and 'dynamic' of a consciousness that is in many ways a global 'culture' that does not express or honour a genuine presence of life in its expressions.

'Save yourself', by stepping out of the mentality of a template based thinking and be inspired to a fresh curiosity as to what we are and what our world is. Perspective awakens, shifts our focus and grows willingness and capacity to invest in a reality that at its root, is of shared being.

What we appreciate, appreciates. Fear and greed are the same. We do not need austerity so much as a refocus in an honesty of heart. I sense our vanities will be stripped away whether we are willing now or later. But to even be able to see that we are vain  - and conditioned - in our own thinking and image, is a measure of noticing. Of awareness.

Discernment is a natural expression of awareness that feels.

Thankyou for your attention.

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