Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mechanical enforcement of a man in a mechanism

An article in the Telegraph on a growth of (a new generation of much more efficient) speed cameras:

Perhaps, this is a last moment before technology with GPS automatically enforces a maximum speed and all cars have to be fitted with it. And then it will drive the car - which wont be needed much because we'll all be plugged into a 'Matrix'-like existence that essentially medicates us with 'safe' pseudo experience; a managed 'reality'.

Meanwhile... the letter of the law can always be smugly and vociferously defended by the self-righteous.

The casting of the motorist as an easy and legitimate target to attack, tax or limit comes out of a 'health and safety' mentality that has grown disproportionately to functionality. It also comes out of the guilt mentality of the global warming consciousness in which the car is cast as a scapegoat.

The application of a tick box mentality that is supposed to 'fulfil' duty of care or protection. Being 'seen' to support targets that are the blinkers of self delusion.

An imposition of rule enforcement that is mechanically enforced without any process of relationship, education or communication.

All these things speak of a blindness of the heart; a lack of wisdom.

On the other side of the coin, an idolization of independent mobility as a purely personal freedom - as personified particularly in the car - is also an emotional blindness to that it is - or WAS - much more of a danger than so much else that gets blown up out of all proportion. (As manipulators of a feeble media love to do).

What is missing in our society, in this as in all else - is a true presence of a heartfelt relationship. This is diminished and enfeebled in almost every social context, and in its place a mechanical template runs that runs as a system without heart or soul.

To drive with due care and attention, relative to all the factors present in the external conditions, and the internal conditions, is not defined or supported by such blunt measures as speed limits - unless and except as they are intelligently set and proportionately enforced with discretion.

To make an ass of the law doesn't serve to grow respect for the law. To make a tyranny of being watched, tracked and punished for even small misdemeanours is something almost everyone can recognize in their workplace today as a manipulative guile by which trust and communication are replaced with being controlled.

Reaction and opinion are cheap and easy. Laws made out of such emotional partiality appeal to the surface realities of our mind without discerning what the issues really are.

If we want a culture of a generosity of spirit, an abundance of good will and imaginative and heartfelt vision for a world and a way of life that grows a true commonwealth rather than hollowing out to debt and depletion, then there has to be a sense of the context of everything and not just the forms it presents. What comes from a meanspirited and joyless mind can only grow such a mind. The attempt to control life is anathema to life.

And yes the attempt to make special exception of our personal self from the rules of the house by which unacceptable behaviour is met with limitation, education and rehabilitation.

How exactly, do human beings wake up to their true nature and relationships? We are not machines.

Thankyou for your attention.

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