Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pondering (Cyber) security in the Real World

The article to which I am responding is

It speaks from as a technical journalist's - and yet simply human - perspective on a speech on cybersecurity to business and government-linked professionals by the US secretary of Homeland Security.

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I am very glad to read this article. Thankyou.

I feel the mentality which the article points toward, is much more pervasive than might seem so - just as those who unconditionally trust that all the security policies and measures that are being implemented are in FACT serving their true interests.

The story of Chicken Licken whose fears escalate in the telling, leads to the manipulation of those caught up in fearful perceptions by Foxy Loxy. This is so much the case that fear and false hopes that can be used to generate fear, are at the root of the psychology of our economy (sic).

Education is more than information. It is expressing a wisdom and discernment that has a sense of the needs of the part in relation to the whole.

Programming the mind is a war that is largely invisible in our world, and we open to a world of information believing we can discern the chaff from the wheat. But a selfish or uneducated intent, using ingenuity and backed by power of wealth and influence implicity seeks to catch the identity and herd it where it is programmed to 'want' to go.
This gives rise to a completely different kind of system than one of educated responsibility - and the rate of technological expansion and dependency means this is happenning now and not in some near future. I am sounding alarm - not as a call to fear, but to simply bring attention present.

It is not enough to personalize the situation in terms of individuals and corporations or alliances of such - but to identify the program or mind that is at work as it is - and not as it presents itself. This is like undrawing the curtains around the Wizard of Oz. He could no longer pretend to be the Great Wizard of Oz - once innocently exposed.

Some willingness for education as to the nature of mind itself is needed to wake up from the fearful and conflicted loops in which our minds get tangled up in when allowed to run on 'auto pilot' - that is when old programs run unchecked and without true foundation.

Thank you for your attention.

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