Thursday, 5 July 2012

There were 14 bad people at Barclays, but I wasn't one of them, says Diamond

When there is a conspiracy of interest, there is a conspiracy of evading or limiting disclosure. The disproportionate (delusional) 'self-interest' that fuelled the events leading to our effectively indentured state of indebtedness was contagious - but the responsibility of those who are entrusted to oversee and take care of the integrity of the system and service for all, remains unmet and unanswered - because they want to remain at the top of the pile and in positions of control.
This leads me to declare that we need to change OUR culture such as to be the soil in which a different leadership can be supported and serve.
Calling to account is not served by a witch-hunting of emotional leverage - as fanned by those who seek to direct it, but by a willingness to bring to communication, issues that are difficult and perhaps perceived as dangerous to challenge.

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