Friday, 15 June 2012

Another throw of the monetary dice

The mentality of the prodigal son was always one of 'what can I get out of this' - even while his Father is alive, though ignored.
Religion at its root is not a magical wishful attempt to make nothing into a seeming something and then trade it so as to kill off or hollow out Something as it is turned itself to a nothing - all for the fleeting moment of power and possession.

Rewakenening to true values is waking up from a deceptive voice in our heads that we call 'my thinking' on behalf of 'my private interests' - (albeit presented so as to appear to be wise, kind, protective, benevolent and neccessary).

When the system of guidance fails - or is realized to be a scam - then the obvious step is to listen for an alternate to madness in the simple trust that madness is not inherent to being alive or being human.

What wakens the heart is simply listening in the heart. While the head can peddle deceptions amidst a maze of distractions and a mist of (heart) denial - little wisdom can get through.

The manipulator does not/can not know what is meant by the heart because it only knows its own thoughts and 'understands' only in its own image.

What are the activties and projects that embody and support life's true and truly shared value? These are our true economy.

Midas turned all to gold and starved for life. It is nothing new to be so deceived. When there is no way for the ego (self illusion) to remain hidden, it seeks ever more depserate means to hide its (lack of) foundation, including war and death.

But yielding into Life while alive is to 'remember the Father' that is the ever present Source, Nature and Condition of be-ing - in its Own terms and not in the 'value added' sense of a privately manipulated outcome.

Investment is what you give yourself to - in energy of attention and comittment. There is NO scarcity of human resourcefulness but for the folly of false investments in which we believe we are trapped.

Truth seems fearful to the liar or to that which has investment in the lie. But Truth is the Condition of truly appreciating anything! - and is also the touchstone of a rested sanity of being regardless of the headless chicken syndrome amidst what after all has always been a transient matter.

To meet in a shared sense of value is not a manipulated outcome - but is bedrock to any real cultural exchange or embodiment.

Enjoy this day and every day as today - that is - don't poison it with thinking of a nature that sucks out the joy and wonder of being. Or at least wake up to such habit and determine to see it for what it is so as to become free of tyranny.

Start always now, because now is the closest to where Life is being you. Take no thought for what you are to do - but listen instead to the true guide - that can always be felt or heard when the false is passed by unused.


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