Friday, 15 June 2012

This Defamation Bill is a disaster for free speech

Comments on the issues around the 'defamation bill' of which I have not studied in detail - but anyway felt to comment on the theme and issues as I felt them.

In exercising freedom of expression here I risk being understood or appreciated by none and perhaps of offending many! - but as I am airing reflections for your consideration or to be passed by according to your desire, I have no investment in an outcome beyond an enjoyment of exercising a freedom to speak.

Opinionating tends to be defamatory and lack honour by its self-serving nature. We are used to being private or unpublic in our personal mythologies of praise and blame, but the world has changed.

Communicating is lost when using mere forms of communication (of no intent to actually open communication) - as attempts to dump blame or shame on others, set ourselves off in a relatively self righteous contrast or distract attention from what we do not want to be made aware of.

Is there a way to communicate a lack of integrity without attacking the person of another? I feel there is, and I have embraced the discipline of feeling for clearly positive ways to say things that otherwise tend to be encoded in story such as to convey mixed messages - that simply add 'my story' to an already conflicted and confused situation. (Of stuckness or standoff).

The nature of a lack of conscious appreciation for life is a personal sense of powerlessness - and from this sense are we liable to grow a persona/identity that gets a hit from the fantasy of power played out - whether in a socially supported role or as an Internet troll. Powerlessness feels bad. Piling blame on top validates the shit to the shitty for the temporary satisfaction of others who enjoy your humiliation. But all that is needed is to restore the true appreciation for life such as to undo the basis for a fantasy self.

To own what we say is to demonstrate the courage of our convictions - as is to retract when we realize we are wrong.
Anonymous or masked identity may play out all kinds of fantasy roles - but should not be allowed to remain masked when there is a clear and reasonable case of dishonesty and injustice.

Whether we can get Corporate PR companies, and Government 'spin doctors' to stop distorting and manipulating our information stream is another level.

The law is often blunt and blind. The spirit in which a law is meant to serve may not at all be that in which t is applied.

There needs to be discernement between hurt feelings (hurt ego) and a loss of reputation that has substance.

Without discernment, made up stories are taken for real, and get to displace actuality.

Our true word is an extension of our self - and our false witness is an extension of our ignorance of truth.

A wilful ignorance of truth is made to serve a freedom to privately and mutually determine reality and fight over it.

Reality does not sue - or retalliate against illusion - for It remains unchanged even if the mind turns upon itself and spins. There is always more going on than our surface realites suggest - but where an illegitimacy is accepted in the name of truth, it shall be uncovered and undone. For it never truly WAS, nor IS, nor Shall Be

Reality remains completely non-stick. But when we give value to shit by dumping or casting it out onto others - we set up a false sense of self validation - and base a whole society on it.

When we look to the world to get our identity we (set ourselves up), and hurt ourself. But our word is our deed and speaks directly of our thought and intent, like to like. If our words, thoughts and deeds do not align as one, then no amount of PR or spun presentation can make an iota of difference - though illusion can make for delay in protection of a well dressed suffering.

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