Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Politics at the brink

What is missing - in my opinion - is a process of real communication.
Communication has to a large degree been usurped by manipulative deceptions, presented in the form of a communication.

When we think we already know - we cease to be receptive and merely assert ourselves blindly in a template fashion with little sense of meeting or sharing.

The basis for a true renewal of culture is in those lives in which a willingness to listen or discern beyond all self-invested thinking, connects with an experience of a different order than asserting a personal identity. And we will learn to live out from a different premise than the old presumption and will seem foolish or irrelevant to the problem-locked mentality of the old - until the masks and deceptive distractions are laid bare and true nature of the problem is revealed.

Identification with the mask is inherently conflicted. The masked persona was made to hide and look away from fears and guilt that were intolerable - as part of a 'self protective' mind.

Whenever our controls break down our identity evaporates and our fears and guilt are exposed. The old way uses the 'other' as enemy and is defined by adversity. But to abide amidst the dissonances of human judgement without resorting to the 'mind of a self protective lie', is to see the fear and guilt evaporate - and regain a fresh perspective from which to truly act, communicate and in which to abide.

Before religions were usurped for purposes of manipulation, they sought a vocabulary of being that was not of or for the rational sense - but for the intuitive sense.

Honesty is essential for trust is essential for communication is essential for sanity, harmony and health.

The fearful cannot afford honesty and employ fear itself as protection from truth. But they thus enslave themselves to a lack of any true ANYTHING!

If we are indeed as bankrupt as I see we are - and I do not only speak financially - then the truth of that is better faced sooner - so as to activate the next step.

The Prodigal Son is a very simple story - and yet contains profound pointers.
To wake from a dream of self-delusion by remembering our Source - through a willingness 'to serve in our Father's House'. (Willing to serve the Life in all), and leave behind the attempt to separately spend 'an inheritance' of a yet Living Father - (For Life is not absent from where you are and where you meet your fellow man and your world).

It is the Father that calls us 'Son" - and not our own thinking. And in this experience - which is not of a separating mind - we find ourselves in a true communion with our brother or sister and world - rather than using them for private selfish intent.

Thankyou for your attention.

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