Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ways to fix the system’s flaws?

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Binra | January 27 12:43am | Permalink
Ideas accepted as true become the determiners of ALL that proceeds thereof. Ideas may seem to war in the mind, yet mind is not itself split, but will experience itself so while focussed in indecision.
Ideas are not really in separate private minds - though that idea is deeply cherished - even as synonymous with life itself.

Divide and rule is not merely a mode of power in the world - but is the mind of judgement whereby That which is unified and whole is perceived as fragmented and conflicted - and then identified with and acted out as real.

I don't have a language or a channel of communication to say it - but that the deceptive aspect of human politic and finance, is a direct expression of an almost universally held idea of independence from life itself. That is - it is BLIND to its own source and nature, and that blindness expresses itself as a compulsive thinking out from a limited identification of thought.

There hasn't been a language for the heart except religion - whose essential meaning has largely been lost to wishful thinking and superficiality. But the heart in its true sense is not romantic or emotional - but discerning and practical in expression on behalf of a wholeness.
Not a wholeness in concept - but a wholeness that concept must give way to and serve or be silent.

It may seem like a need to survive - but in fact discernment is a result of a desire to know given priority. To find answer of any true and effective kind, it is necessary to grow trust - within oneself - first, and then uncovered as a process of communication that begins from a unifying or common inspiration, one step at a time. Without trust, honesty cannot be allowed in. Without honesty - nothing real is recognized or valued, and a delusional misperception usurps a true intelligence.

It would seem that ingenious thinking is called for. But I suggest that is what creates the breakdown in trust and communication which underlies human war and woe - financial or otherwise.

What is called for is a capacity to discern rather than judge, to intuit directly rather than think, and to embody what is uncovered as a calm, clear unified presence of communication or action that serves and meets the need.

This is called for in us all - and is blocked by identification with shame - (or a sense of personal invalidity or unworthiness) - and fear - (of being exposed and rejected or punished).

The mind is very tricksy in its capacity to deny and deceive. We all know this intimately - and yet persist as if we can play it and win! There is always another way of looking at what the mind takes as reality.

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