Saturday, 28 January 2012

Philanthropy is the enemy of justice?

Many good points raised.
Things can be presented so as to seem what they are not, in order to manipulate an outcome that may otherwise be denied. (I say may because, if simply asking directly, we sometimes find it is given).
Whether this is a conscious conspiracy might depend on definitions of the term conscious. After all, most wielders of power equate the 'good' with their own personal judgements.
The pursuit of profit is commendable, for it is the search for growing and sharing value.
But if the forms of value are divorced from any true context of relationship, then integrity is lost to a desire to usurp and manipulate the framework of communication and value.
The very rich can use money as power in all sorts of ways that may seem or even be believed as constructive, but which undermine and override the framework of a true process of communication.
The pattern of mind that seeks to override and undermine a true communication is not especially found in the very rich, but is fundamental to a wishful and dishonest or imaginative sense of self.
While the very loud may seem to have their way for a time, the imposition of will upon life does not hold without constant reinforcement, which is always associated with struggle and suffering. But to act within the shared value of a communication of life is just.
The true correction for injustice is whatever most practically serves as a shared step that embraces the just.
Humanly we know not what we do, because we live out from a lens darkly. That is, a mind that WANTS to believe its own thought and whose actions are simply programmed by its thinking.
Communication, to be real, must be an uncovering of what is really going on in our heart and mind, even as we are engaged in the world. It is not only financiers who use clever tricks to make nothing seem like something real!
King Midas turned the world to money - not such a wise move eh!
There's no lack of wisdom available to a willingness to listen - but such an abundance is not considered riches or a life more abundant to the mind in its attempt to coercively secure its own personal validity.
Until the bubble pops...

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