Thursday, 26 January 2012

To Hell in a handbasket?

Hell is a great place to question the nature of one's experience.

Describing a problem can be a way of setting a framework in which attention is distracted from - the real issue. The framework is what is almost impossible to bring to awareness because it is already shaping and directing identity, thought and attention.

Uncovering a true integrity of being is called for, in any dis-integration of function or communication.
If there are purposes that are undermining of a true basis for life - then they are to be identified correctly and invalidated.

The attempt to resolve in thought - without first connecting to a true integrity - is the nature of the problem. What arises from a deeper honesty is not an attempt to manipulate one's experience - nor of manipulating or coercing one's own interests over and against others.

It may seem suicidal to relinquish a manipulative intent - but those who do, uncover a guided sense of life and a discernment that can feel the optimal pathways amidst seeming complexity - as they are willing to listen.

There is no escaping the consequence of one's active intent - even if it is 'unconsciously' so. But mind is not fixed and can learn to change. We can embrace change gracefully - or we can go to hell in a handbasket en route. But we cannot hold 'a mind' against life and prevail - though the temptation of the wish to do so may bait us over and over again.
In Peace


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